[Archive] Is it just me


Or are all this guy’s items really badly done recasts?

Observe, the dollarshop bolt-thrower



Hard to say…

If in doubt leave it.


Can’t say from the pictures, the wheels seem to have legit moldlines. I’d hazard as a first guess it’s badly sprayed Blood Angels red, from back in the day.

A bunch of the other stuff he has is also “used” in condition.


I am not so sure it is a fake. It is really hard to tell from the photos.

But the one rule I do recommend that you follow is - “Go with YOUR instinct”. If you think it is a fake, then I would say, stay completely clear of it, even if we convince you otherwise, I would still recommend that you stay clear of it.


Haha yeah, will steer clear of this one. Just wondering why the middle bit is brown? Doesn’t look painted so confused about that.

In other news, got a steamtank and ironbreakers today which will become my juggernaut and immortals/obsidian guard :hat

Also, does anyone know where I can find the rules for the juggernaut so I can model it accordingly?

Or for kollosus on that matter, as I might use it for one instead


Waste Rider:

On the Indy GT list, a Kollusus has 10 crewmen and a demon loogie attack on its profile. Its also a mount choice for characters.



@Waste Rider - cheers man, that helps a lot :slight_smile: