[Archive] Is LoA 8th Edition?


All my mates are playing 7th edition yet, and a discussion on wether I should use the Ravening Hords army list with the 7th edition rulebook, or the Tamurkhan list with the 7th edition rulebook has come up.

I need to know if Tamurkhan was released during 7th edition or if it is an 8th edition exclusive army list. If it is 8th, I will be forced to use the RH list, in which case I will need the FAQ for that edition too (any ideas on where to find it?).

Thommy H:

It’s 8th, and contains references to rules that didn’t exist in 7th. It should probably be fairly easy to use in the older edition though. Maybe your friends should update and player the current version of Warhammer? The rules are better, and the new books are much more balanced.


Yea tell them to update to 8th. Your not in the wrong they are :smiley:


If you want to use RH in 7th, then you can use some of what is in here:


Some of it is only relevant to 8th ed, you’ll have to work out what.


Thanks to all of you. I did check out the 8th edition errata for RH, the only remaining problem (so far) would be the cost of common magic items for CD. If you check the 7th edition rulebook, they appear without any cost reference, it being on each of the individual manuals (it varies slightly from army to army).

Regarding them changing to 8th… I hope that happens soon cause the LoA list is at least interesting!