[Archive] Is the Indy GT Chaos Dwarf book legal?


I’m just wondering, as I’m so used to the Ravening Hordes list being the standard.

Gar Shadowfame:

Indy is what it it described by authors in the first entry in the book.

Thommy H:

The book is designed for use in a some independent tournaments in the USA - hence it’s nickname “the Indy GT book”. Some of those tournaments have ratified its use in their competitions, so in that context it’s “legal”. However, it’s not legal in a GW store or a GW event. With your friends, it’s as legal as anyone wants to make it. They have no compunction to use it, or to play against anyone that uses it. I suggest you make a list that works with both books if you’re playing a pick up game.



Thanks for that.


…or make the army adaptable to be a Warriors of Chaos army, just use them as that in tournaments.


Or GW could get off their rear ends and release chaos dwarfs…

Gar Shadowfame:

it's not legal in a GW store
it is, sort of, me mate was in Brent Cross in London, and GW staff said if he wants to try list out in the store, "sure, why not".

Thommy H:

Anything’s legal if you ask the people in charge - I just wouldn’t try springing it on someone during a pick up game. That’s really what people are asking when they talk about “legality”. If you can just roll up to a stranger and start setting up an army built using certain rules without him going “hey, what?” then it’s legal. In other words, you’d need your opponent’s permission (whatever that might mean - if you’re playing in a tournament or at a club that allows the list then anyone playing in those conditions has implicitly given their permission) to use it.


A couple of tournaments here in NZ (and at least one in Australia) are allowing it. It depends on how open minded the organiser is, really.