[Archive] is there a finished indy errata

richard barby:

i have seen a errata in a seperte site got a link from a friend im keen to see if its been adopted or has been done by the writers of the indy list

Thommy H:

I’ve heard very little about any further development on the list for 8th Edition. Matt Bird, who was the main insitgator of the whole thing and the voice of the creators online said he had been so turned off by 8th that he had no real interest in continuing to develop the book.

Da Crusha:

it isn’t finished yet but here is the thread

Thommy H:

Yeah, well it does if you don’t like 8th, I guess. That said, Matt and Kevin never made any secret of the fact that their book was designed for use in tournaments, and that they themselves are tournament players. 8th Edition is the most firm rejection GW have ever made of tournament-style gaming, and the Indy GT book was hit pretty badly by some of the changes to the core ideas of Warhammer. If you’re someone who likes that kind of gaming, and you write a book that caters to it, you’re going to be disheartened by a move away from it in the latest edition, I suppose.

Thommy H:

it isn't finished yet here is the thread

Da Crusha
Still sticking to their guns about the blunderbusses, I see.

Edit: I didn't even realise that was a pun until I read it back. Retroactively intended.


Can somebody post a reply from me in the forum for ideas about the 8th edition changes to that list?(when jou follow the link)
I ask this because that site does not send me an activatian email no matter how many times i try and i cant find an email of one of the moderators there.
Thanks in advance.

This is what I want to say:
There seems to be a big debate about the deamonsmith and how its bound spell works in 8th. One side wants to make him a level 1/2 wizard and the creater(kevin?) wants to keep him as he is.

My opinion is that he is not playable now in 8th edition, However instead of making him a level 1/2 wizard just make him exactly like he was in 7th edition.
By that I mean make him a level 1 wizard who makes no pd or dp nor has spell but has a single random spell which is automaticly cast at power ?(whaterver is deemed balanced). This approach actualy has been done before by GW with the skaven screaming bell’s effects so it has a pretty good basis. Nor would it be overpowered in any way in my opinion.


I like the Indy lists that are out there. Been using the Matt/Coleman list more so than Thommy’s, ONLY because it’s easier for my oppponents to understand. The first list that updates itself is the winner as far as I am concerned. Please O please update.

Thommy H:

Mine is already compliant with 8th Edition, and has been for quite some time.


Nice!! I had always assumed that you were gonna revamp it a little. My mistake.

I’m just gonna miss hitting the entire enemy unit on a 4+ using the coleman list.

In a 2500 point game I like to run 3 hordes (40 ea.) of dwarves with great weapons, artillery and magic support, and maaaaybe a little somethin extra. I have it assembled, and as the weeks go by will post photos.

Thommy H:

I completely revamped it when 8th Edition came out. Latest version is in the thread below this one.


Downloading it, will digest it over the next couple of days.   Don’t know how I missed the revamp.  Thanks for updating it!

EDIT: First impression…thank you so very much for adressing the whirlwind and tenderizer. I have 3 of each.

Thommy, bringing your armybook to the printers for a hardcopy today. It’s a great book.

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Thommy H:

Whoa, don’t go doing that just yet! There’s a big update coming. I was keeping it quiet, but I don’t want you to spend money on something that will be out of date pretty soon.


Holy crap, thank you very much for saving me some serious cash

Thommy H:

No problem - I just had a huge panic when I read that. I really appreciate your support, but as I’ve warned others, I have a tendency to tweak and tweak and tweak, and I wouldn’t want you to spend money on something that’s going to be redundant in a short time. I am trying to produce a definitive book now which will be uploaded to the main site when Xander’s back in action, but until then you might want to hold off.


Well, technically I could upload the definitive book to the site whenever needed, but I figure you want a slightly longer deadline than that…

Thommy H:

Yeah, it’s a very arbitrary deadline.


Tweaking is fine. Means that as the GW army books get released, and become more and more powerful, my evil little stunties will be smiling as they are still competative.


Thommy, please let me know when the ‘final’ version of your book is ready, as I will full colour print and bind.

From everything i’ve read your 8th edition version is a huge step up from your 7th edition one and everyone is singing its praises.

I printed off your 7th edition one and thought it was a great first effort and given how you’ve tweaked etc the 8th edition one and reading some of yours and others posts with regards to it I definitely think it deserves the professional bound treatment.

Just some more words of support from another big hat fan!

Keep up the good work.

Much appreciated!