[Archive] Issue #8 Work Thread


OK gang here is the scoop going forward Maul is going to be our point person ever more. When he gets an article in he will take care of getting it to the editors and then to me. This way we can get stuff proofed and ready BEFORE it goes into InDesign.

Lets shoot for it and make it easier on ourselves eh? :wink:


Here is the Outline thus far


I assume the Blunderbuss and Earth shaker article are mine, consider them confirmed.


You assume correctly.

New outline that has been updated is in place.


I have looked the outline over. Willmark can send items he already has to my personal email and I can make sure they get to the editors and back from them.

If for some reason, some one drops out or you find you have a whole in this issue, I could do a piece on building an evil DOW army and using many of the same models you would use to build in your chaos dwarf army. I have a half finished (modeling) unit of evil Long Drong Slayer Pirates.

What is your target release date or date to have everything in? We are having a kid in late April so how knows what kind of chaos that might bring into my world.

It is good to be back.


If all goes well this goes out in late March so we shoudl b all set, congrats BTW Dude.

IF worse comes to worse I might have some people we can get from the โ€œBull Penโ€.