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due to the combination of bi-polar and home-dad duties, the bug for a new army has bitten again. Being a gamer since I was a kid I’ve played every 40K and WHFB army, except one…

so with that in mid, I’ve got my book on order, have ordered some scibor mini moscalls and have jumped into some conversion work.

I’m not sure wether to go with the scibor or forgeworld mins, as they seem about the same price, I’ll grab some of both and see which I like better

My first unit has been completed, that being my bull centaur renders:

brief conversion thread here:


so next up on the list is the K’daai destroyer. I’m a sucker for big beasties in WHFB (as my 3 terrogheist VC army attests)

I’ve been following all the other threads and ideas that everyone has posted, and its testament to the creativity in this community that the ideas have been so good. Generally I get inspired by art and having seen this picture:

I’ve decided to go with the horned/bull daemon approach. So off I toddled to my LGC to pic up this (new released ghorgon kit):

and had a dig through my games room and found this (an objective for my 40K ork army):

my plan will be to cut the ghorgon in half and have it rising up from the pit, being summoned by a sorceror I’ll fill the pit with GS and add lava bublles to give it the appropriate look.

the tricky part will be to GS over the entire body to give the impression of being made of metal and armour plates.

the final thing I’m planning (and have no idea how to do) will be to put a battery and red LED inside the model, drill out the eyes so that it glows!

Watch this space


ok well its been a productive afternoon, its been 32 degrees C (too hot to go out) and now its chucking it down raining (too wet to go out)

I’ve completed the assemble of the big bad boy and am happy with how it looks.  I’ve also completed a mock up of how I want it to look.  I’m planning on using checkered plasticard to make a tiled floor then sit the components on top.  Also imagine the zombie is a sorceror with a plinth in front of him and a book of summoning on top!

once I’ve finished that I’ll start GS the flames, I’ve previous used a really got tute on making flames I found on another forum, so I’ll copy the same technique.

Digging around I’ve also found one of these bad boys which will be the starting point of my iron daemon war engine.

thanks for looking - C+C appreciated.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



What is that last model?


What is that last model?

its a brass coffin from ramshackle games :
the quality is so-so but they're fairly cheap!


Wow, that's going to look so great!!! Fantastic eye you have there. I looked and looked at this kit and thought it wasn't quite right, but I really like where you're going with it!!



I want to see that Destroyer another inch up out of the flames. It would give him even greater “stage presence” on the battlefield, and allow you to have fun with flames and lava effects without distracting from the arm position and the aggressive pose.


I want to see that Destroyer another inch up out of the flames. It would give him even greater "stage presence" on the battlefield, and allow you to have fun with flames and lava effects without distracting from the arm position and the aggressive pose.

thanks mate, I'm hoping it will have a 9v battery sitting under it with a false bottom to power the LED's inside so it will be higher.
@nicodemus - thank you for the kind words :)

I've actually changed it slightly, someone on another forum suggested pointing the head upwards - its taken a bit of work (luckily the glue wasn't 100% set so I could rip the head off) - it gives it a "roaring at the sky" look - I'll post some more pics once I have it together


While your Bull Centaurs looks great, Im not sold on the Destroyer. Or mainly the well thing…


good thoughts everyone - here’s a couple of pics of what I’ve been working on tonight:

basically I’ve changed the head position and added armour to the front (reminds me of a bloodthirster actually) just need to finish some strapping for the armour
@tjub - I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have, always happy for feedback from more experienced members! - the other idea I had was to use modelling clay to make a cracked, volcanic like base and have the big guy appearing from a crack in the ground… better or worse?


Better IMO! :slight_smile:
Im mostly having problems with static terrain like a well moving around… :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

"Well if you can't get me out of here go and get some help you useless s***!!!"


I'm not sure about the well thing doubling as a Destroyer, but it sure is something really novel.


Amazing stuff. Very original ideas!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I said SOFT toilet paper!

Just having fun =) Actually I think this model might be a fine K'daii Destroyer.  Good idea!!


got the LED’s and the lights hooked up today - will post some pics up later

here’s an Idea - what about making a mobile cauldron thing on wheels with the daemon coming - perhaps pulled by centaurs or brass bulls???


another day, another update…

I wandered down to the local electronics store and picked up the bits I need and wired together 2 LED’s to go inside the big boy.  Howver when I did it, it looked crap.  I mean really crap.  The only “glowing” effect was via the gaps in the conversion.  I hollowed out the eyes and they didn’t shine as I’d hoped - although did still look cool.
So on to plan B.  I’ve decided to under-light the model from the base of the pit
the setup:

the holes in the pit:



overall it looks pretty sweet IMHO, I’m toying with the idea of using water effects in the base of the bit to give the lava effect - maybe with a dark red ink mixed in…  The other issue will be how to hide the cabling and switch box/batteries… hmmm rectangular altar anyone?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Lighting effects can be really interesting and creative but unfortunately they’re hard to see during the day (when we tend to play). It definitely sets your minis out from the crowd though! From what I can tell you managed to get the biggest lighting kit I’ve ever seen for two LEDs and I don’t think you have a hope in Hashut of hiding that battery-brick on the model. You might want to try model railroad type of lighting kits or go all the way and do fibre optic lighting. It is not an easy conversion but I give you kudos for even trying it! Keep thinking outside the box!!

Grimbold Blackhammer


That’s awesome! I really would like to see LED’s being used more in chaos dwarf related stuff.


That’s great!

I think that adding lighting effects to miniatures adds a whole new dimension to them.

Good work!


Grim, what if he were to hide the majority of the box inside the model’s torso, with the bottom poking out slightly?  Could magnetise the whole thing to the base of the well, and would make it easier to transport, too.

EDIT: nevermind, I just saw the pic next to the well. That is an enormous box. heh.