[Archive] It`s playtime!

Lord Aldades:

So my first official return to some kind of battlefield with the Dawi Zharr after a hiatus of, well, about a decade, and what better then to do it on the Blood Bowl pitch.

Okay, because my Warhammer force isnt finished being painted by a long shot... see my Blog of the progress on that part. But a tournament report will follow the 12th of february where I take to the real battlefield.<br><br>http://tomsche69.blogspot.com/2012/01/silver-spirit-of-moo-2-vongalazthag.html<br><br>It was a memorable game though, as I did some very odd (read: stupid) things, I blame Nurges Rot still racking my brain for the, well, downright blunders I made there hehehe :hat off