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Hey !

Your Iron Deamon is great ! And Infernal guards will be nice too. :slight_smile:

But are you sure both units will be matched in the colors ? (I’m not sure for the word “matched” sorry if that’s stupid >< )

I will look at your project :wink:


Have you got a front pic of your infernal guard to show us:cheers


Wow, I love the Infernal's armour. Charadon Granite huh? Wouldn't have guessed.

And ermm... it looks like you glued the end of your Iron Daemon's exhaust pipe on upside-down :h
I'll just call it an inspirational conversion :hat off

It's all one solid piece, JMR, and I was hoping nobody would mention it.  :P

Unfortunately, during the longish period where I had not painted anything, it had been transported fairly often and lost three of the spikes from the top that unfortunately I couldn't find.

So, I decided to snip the rest off and paint the bugger - with the intention that after the tourney, I'd go back and sculpt new spikes for it to make it look a little less.. odd.

as for front pics of the Infernals:  When I finish up the beards and shields this week I'll toss up another few.

Phedon: The nice thing about trying to do NMM's over standard metals is that it tends to tie an army together paint-scheme wise, allowing some variation on the individual units. When I put the Infernals on the table next to the Daemon, they definitely appear to be from the same army, even though the red/browns of their scale skirts and the brass/gold of the Daemon don't match up.


So, I finished everything aside from detail work on the Daemon/Dreadquake (although, looking now at the wheels, I need to highlight a few areas a little better).  Going to leave them as is for now so I can focus on other stuff, they’re in playable shape for now.

I also started work on the display base - which still needs to be coated in resin and have the salt-flat cracks carved into it.  The bases are just there to give me an idea on unit sizes, etc.

Finally, I wasn’t going to show this to anyone, but its just turning out pretty fantastic so far so I got excited.  This is the armylist/“stone” tablet I’ll be bringing around with me for opponents to look at during games.  It isn’t finished either, since I haven’t carved the words into the polystyrene or painted it yet, obviously, but it gets the point across:

The white paint overtop was whiting out the list, since I want to rewrite it a little smaller to make everything a little less scrunched up.

Also:  Yes, I know the list is tremendously unoptomised.  Heh.


Great work!

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I like the cartoonish style of your painting, looks great! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies, guys.  Been working as long hours as I can manage to get these buggers done for the tournament (T-four days until we leave for Edmonton).

Not finished, but some WIP pics of Bilgaames the Lamassu:

I don’t know if its the light, or just my camera/phone, but I can’t seem to take a picture of him that doesn’t make the blue look all splotchy, and the white of the beard look really amateur.  It looks better in person, I guess is all I can try to assure you.  :P

EDIT: I’m debating whether or not to stay with the scale colouring on the pictures from before, or change it to be the same brass/gold on the engines and Lamassu. The grey ties everything together relatively well, so I don’t know if I need the gold necessarily to bring everything together, and I’m worried that if I DO change it to the gold, that the entire army is going to look very, very bichromatic. Not a lot of variety.

Da Crusha:

wow looks very cool khedyarl. I really like that lammasu and the train. Im not too sure what the rest of your army looks like so its hard to give advice on the paint scheme.

also, what lore are you going to give the lammasu?


For the longest time I was giving him Lore of Shadow for the low, easy cost of miasma, but lately (partially influenced by the skulls he’s shooting out of his hands I’ll admit, heh) I’ve been playing with death. The signature spell allows him to snipe out hero wizards, and most monsters in the game. He’s been blowing up spirit hosts/varghulfs like crazy, lately.

If anyone was ever questioning the need to play with a Lamassu, I submit to you:

I killed a ghost, with my old man goat monster’s brain, from a foot away.

Da Crusha:

sweet. I used him in one tournament with the tamurkhan book with Lore of shadow. it didnt work out too well for me so I havent brought him again since, but lately I have been thinking about unleashing him once more. I wanted to bring him with the Lore of Metal but I just noticed he can’t have it.


Very nice the lammasu looks wicked and evil.


I like that Lammasu, mainly the scheme.


Lammassu is very nice, happy BDay!


Where did you get the pink foam?


Looks great mate!

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How did you paint the body of your lammasu and what paints thanks.



Right, so, the Out of the Basement tourney is completed, and I’ve just returned from an eight hour drive to get home.  I’m sleepy, exhausted, and very, very hungover.

On the plus side, however:

I’ll answer the questions above in a bit, I promise!  I just need a bit of time tonight to unwind and relax after painting 2250 points in three weeks, and blitzing to Edmonton for four days of drunken, debauched tournamenting.

All I can say for positive right now is that it was an incredible experience, beautifully run, and lots of great, friendly players.  For anyone in the British Columbia/Alberta/Saskatchewan areas, it is held annually at U of A in Edmonton by the OOTB guys, in association with about five other gaming groups/leagues.

More tonight (I don’t have any pictures of the actual games, unfortunately, but I promise I’ll put up pics of the entire army on the display board along with writeups for each tourney game.



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Da Crusha:

Wow, Very cool! I have lots of questions. Do you have a printout of the results? how many armies competed? 2 day Tournament? ETC rules? Who Did you play against? were there more cd players?

Ill save more questions for later.:smiley:


Rules of the OOTB tourney:

No army comp.
2250 points.
Within 300 victory points is a tie, if you double the opposing players victory points, it is a massacre.
Armies allowed:  All official Warhammer Armies books, and The Legion of Azghor from Tamurkhan.

Rundown:  It was a two day tournament, three games the first day, two games the second.  There were (I believe) 36 fantasy players in attendance, 26 40k players, and 16 Warmachine/hordes players.  It was a big ball, and really well run for such an encompassing event.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a printout of the results, but I can give the results:
Best Painted:  1st Empire, 2nd Beastmen, 3rd Dark Elves
Best General:  1st Orcs and Goblins, 2nd Empire, 3rd Mortals
Best Overall:  1st Chaos Dwarfs, 2nd Wood Elves, 3rd Empire

Izdubaar the Pale, Sorcerer-Prophet of the Tower of Azghor
Level 3, Lore of Hashut
Talisman of Preservation, Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Charmed Shield
Bilgaames, Lamassu, level 1 Lore of Death
Harbinger Enkiir, Infernal Castellan
Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking
29 Infernal Guard, Full Command

10 Infernal Guard, Standard Bearer, Fireglaives

10 Infernal Guard, Standard Bearer, Fireglaives

Iron Daemon

6 Kdaii Fireborn

Dreadquake Mortar, Ogre Slave


So, here’s the deal.  Keeping in mind, of course, that the army list is sub-par (Lamassu, Dreadquake, et cetera), this army list was designed with miniature-choice in mind, and with the premise that I don’t think the Kdaii Destroyer belongs in the Chaos dwarf army list with its current rule set, this is the army list I brought to the tournament.
I played roughly thirty practice games with this list, or variations thereof (changing up item combinations, dropping items, gaining glaives, dropping glaives etc) making sure I knew what it could do inside and out.


1)  OGRES (Ben)
His list (vaguely):  
Slaughtermaster (gut magic)
Bruiser BSB
16 Ironguts (with redirect banner, bruiser BSB/Slaughtermaster)
4 Bulls with Firebelly
4 Mournfang
Bunch of Gnoblars
That goddamned ogre cannon.  :P

Ben was a great guy to play.  He deployed exactly how you would expect an ogre army like that to deploy, heh, and let me deal with it.  I ran the Kdaii straight at the Mournfang, forcing them to hit home.  I had expected to tie up the Mournfang for a turn or two while I sorted out the rest of his list, and due to hatred and a bit of luck, I actually managed to break them and run them down while only taking two Kdaii casualties in return.  Then, over the next four turns the kdaii managed to wipe themselves out via burning bright.  I threw both Glaive units in front of the Deathstar at steep angles, forcing them to keep charging, and remaining where they were, or overrunning into a zone of the table that nothing existed on, while pounding them with Dreadquake fire over the next three/four turns until there were only 9 left and my Infernal Guard brick took them down with a combined charge from the Iron Daemon (which, until this point had been annihilating the smaller Ogre unit along with the Lamassu Prophet’s magic.  The Ogre cannon finally killed off the Dreadquake, and killed my remaining Kdaii after I tried foolishly to kill it.
At game end:  He had his Slaughtermaster, and Cannon, and fleeing gnoblars, I had my Prophet, Infernals, Castellan, the Daemon, and the Objective (a dragon Egg the Infernals had managed to snatch).  Result:  Massacre for the big hats.

2) MORTALS (Jordan Chabot)
His list (Vaguely):
Lord on Jugger with a 1+/4++ and MR3 and a billion attacks
BSB Exalted Champ
Exalted Champ
Exalted Champ
Two units of 23 warriors
Unit of 5 Knights with Lord
Five Marauder Horseman
Two Chariots

Jordan’s a local guy and I’ve played him quite a few times.  He took a magic-less list in order to really drive home his Khorne theme, Hashut bless the little bugger.  :P  He had a weird series of games this weekend, and through a couple of massacres and solid wins, managed to snag third best general.
The list is tough to deal with, and it wrecks your face if it manages to touch you.  Luckily, ash storm is a ludicrous spell.  :P  The scenario was a modified watchtower - there are two watchtowers in this case, each worth +300 victory points if held at end of game for a maximum of 600.
I beelined for the righthand watchtower and stuffed my six kdaii into it, making it virtually impossible for him to get me out of it.  It was kind of a gong show from then on.  Between Ash Storm, the Dreadquakes accuracy, the Iron Daemon vaporising a Chariot whenever it fired, and the sheer insane tenacity of Kdaii inside a building, I managed to snag another Massacre.  
On the downside, the Jugger Lord ran out on his own and killed the Daemon solo, and went on to rampage into the Dreadquake.  With no shooting, and no magic, my Prophet was left alone to do pretty much whatever he wanted.  And what he wanted to do was use the death signature spell to blow two wounds off of that 1+ ward save against damaging spells Chaos Lord.  :P  LAMAAAASSUUUUUUU!
Result:  He had the one wound Lord, and 24 warriors in the lefthand tower remaining.  I had both glaive units, Prophet, Infernals, Kdaii (bunkered up in the righthand tower), and the Castellan still.  Massacre for big hats after tallying points and counting banners, etc).

3) LIZARDMEN (Brian Duffels)
List (Again, vaguely):
Life Slaan with extra dice, loremaster, Ethereal, BSB
Old Blood with smashy items
Skink with item that makes Stegadon impact hits 2d6+2 and magical (More on this later!)
39 Saurus Warriors with oldblood
An absolute metric asston of Skinks
Chameleon Skinks
1 Jungle Swarm to redirect things
Two full units of Salamanders

I’ve played brian many, many times when he lived in Prince George, and always found him to be an incredibly tough game.  He’s methodical, knows his armies inside and out, and is spectacular to play against.  Amazingly fun.
So, what began as a game in which Brian and me shouting good hearted obscenities and gathering a crowd to watch the yelling lunatics and their shenanigans, turned into an intense six turn game that was tied neck and neck (both kill piles were within 30 points of one another until turn six) that may have been the best game I’ve ever actually played.
The Stegadon ran full-tilt at the Kdaii, and me, thinking “Hah hah!  I’ll burning body and vaporise all of those silly skinks off of the top of that Stegadon!” turned into, “By the way, the attacks are magic because of the spear”  :P  Then he rolled eleven for impact hits and killed five kdaii before I even had a chance to swing back.  Poor little buggers never saw what hit them.
Man of the match was the Iron Daemon.  After what happened to the Kdaii, the Daemon spun around and wandered six inches to get within nine inches of the Steg, and killed it with one volley, leaving just the Skink alive - which was then killed by a glaive unit.  The Lamassu was blown into tiny poisoned parts (how the hell do Skinks even USE blowpipes without lips?!) and the Prophet decided to wander around on his own, basically just shrugging off billions of little javelins and blow darts.
The Infernals waded their way through things and redirected a charge from a Skink unit that fled as a reaction into the Slaan.  Now, the Slaan was 14 inches away at this point, and most people would have done the same thing Brian did.  Hold as a reaction, assuming I would fail the charge.  Boom, an eleven on 2d6.  The buggers made it into combat, and then the Castellan proceeded to be utterly unable to do any damage to it with his sword of striking over three combat rounds - even actually taking a wound in the process.  Lovely.  :P  He continuously passed his leadership checks while I continued to block charges with my redirecting Glaive units from his Saurus unit (which keeps getting pounded by artillery/magic until a jungle swarm kills my Dreadquake in close combat.  I want to reiterate this point.  A jungle swarm.  Killed my Dreadquake.  Killed it.  Didn’t run it down.  Over two rounds of combat, it did six unsaved wounds and straight-up murdered my Dreadquake.  I don’t want to talk about it.  Turn six, the Slaan fails a moral check after I do a wound and he fails to, fails the morale reroll (at this point the Infernals were whittled down due to Salamanders hitting on flanks, and Slaan magical shenanigans keeping everything frustratingly alive), and as he’s a battle standard, the Slaan dies.  Game changer.  
The Infernals run down the Salamanders on my turn and turn to face the Saurus warriors.  I have 15 and a Castellan left at this point, they receive a charge from the saurus, and take nine casualties, but the Castellan keeps them in the game!  Since I’ve maneuvered around at this point expecting the charge, the Daemon charges in with the remaining seven Fireglaives into the flank of the Saurus - the Prophet gives everybody hatred - I win combat by a large margin.  He loses, and fails his leadership seven cold blooded check, and it’s game.
Result:  Brian has lots of skinks left, and one Salamander unit.  I have Prophet, Infernals (barely), one glaive, Daemon, general kill, bunch of standards, BSB.  Result:  Massacre for the big hats.

4) ORCS AND GOBLINS (Brian Sinn AKA MrMalorian from Warseer)

So, this ones a bit more fun.   Brian Sinn is a great guy from Alberta that video blogs almost every game he’s ever played, and as such, he has our game up on the youtubes.  Here’s the link:
Brian’s list was intense.  So much artillery, so many big orcs (horde of Black Orcs, horde of Savage Orc Biguns).  Level four Shaman, Night Goblin BSB, bunch of other stuff you can see in the vid.
Couple things:  I ran into a bit of bad luck on this one.  My poor Lamassu miscast on turn two trying to fry a goblin, and died.  Straight up died.  In the process it also used up my Prophets charmed shield.  As you can see, I ran into a few problems - the Foot of Gork total powered and killed four Kdaii leaving his shaman unscathed.  My magic was utterly shut down, I just couldn’t roll higher than a three on any dice I threw after my Lamassu blew up.  The Iron Daemon took six wounds from two bolt throwers on turn two.
I managed to punish the Savage orcs with the dreadquake until I was confident the Infernals could easily take the biguns.  Also:  If you watch the video, that last minute failure by the Infernals basically lost me the game.  And then, miraculously, those two little glaive bastards manage to net me a 400 point objective, and not die for a full round!  (Also, he calls it death magic at the end, but it was actually Curse of Hashut that killed his Shaman, not death magic)
Result:  I am devastated: Prophet left, one glaive unit left with objective, Dreadquake left.  He has Black Orcs, his Warboss, a bunch of Warmachines and a unit of night goblins.  The objective drives the points up into a tie.  I managed to survive to fight another day!

5) WOOD ELVES (Matt Lau)
List (you know the drill)
Highborn on unicorn with bunch of stuff (2+ ward and a bunch of other things)
three Nobles with stuff
2 level 1 Athel Loren Mages
2 units of 20 Archers
1 unit of 16 Dryads
1 unit of eternal guard
Great Eagle
3 Treekin
Peaches the Treeman
5 Wild Riders
Yeah.  Hah hah.  Wood Elves.  I know, non competitive garbage army.  Except Matt Lau is a goddamned ninja with them.  This guy is easily one of the best warhammer players I’ve ever met.  He’s fantastic to play against, energetic, fun, and calculating as hell.  :P  Every move is made carefully and planned, while looking completely casual with him.  I didn’t expect this to be a terribly difficult game, even though I knew from others that Matt was an incredible player.  I just didn’t expect Wood Elves to be any good.  Nevermind he had just murdered four players just that tournament, it must have been luck, right?
Nope.  The bugger is everywhere at all times.  Scenario forced my Prophet (most expensive single unit) towards his Lord (his most expensive single unit) every turn, which in turn got my Lamassu peppered with arrows and killed.  now I’m on foot, alone.  Great.  :P
The Kdaii were really the men of the match.  They survived bowfire after bowfire as they hurtled up the table, smashed through the Dryads, smashed through the Archers, and finally killed all but one of the Eternal Guard before burning out.
The Infernal Guard were virtually untouched.  They marched six inches up the table every round until they could finally get their hands on a unit of archers, and mauled the hell out of them.  At the end of the game, they were fighting off an enraged Treeman (Peaches).
At the end of this bizzare game, I had my Prophet locked in combat with his Lord - neither of which could hurt the other.
Result:  Tie.  He had:  Peaches, eternal Guard, mage, Highborn, Noble.  I had:  Infernal Guard, Castellan, Prophet, both units of Glaives (Hashut bless their 3+ against shooting).  Wonderful game, surprising, awesome, weird and ultimately fun.  Matt is a blast to play, and I would easily drive to Edmonton to play him again.

So, that’s the results.  I was convinced that Mr Malorian (Brian Sinn) had done enough to clinch the win, so was surprised when he was called up for Best General.  So I naturally assumed that Matt would get overall, and was even more surprised when they called his name as second place overall.  They called my name, I had a blast, and now I’m finished.  I’ll post some pics in a few minutes, as this post has become insanely long.

Thanks for reading, guys!