[Archive] It's been a while


Hail fellow servants of Hashut! I’ve returned from my lo9ng absence (Since the beginning of Summer), and I’m now becoming active in the forums once more. I was really, really busy over the summer, but now I’m ready to fight once more for the glory of Hashut!!! :hat

A round on me guys! :cheers


The lack of response is hurtful. Oh well, it’s not easy being a Chaos Dwarf. . .


Stop crying and goofing around. Grab your axe and whip and start collecting slaves. Beer is bad for the beard, as it tends to unwind when wet, luckily it does not apply to slaves blood. So again - go find your slave and sacrifice him. They won’t come willingly to you.

On a side note - welcome back. Good to have another follower of Hashut around. Now get to work!


Aye, now that’s what I like to hear! Let the slaves moan, and the blood flow. Praise Hashut!!!