[Archive] I've been really busy! Here's why


In January I was laid off from the job I had at the time after just moving into a new apartment! Ouch. Thankfully, in a very short 3 weeks, I was able to find a new job! So with the new apartment and job transition I was really busy at the start of this year.

About 4 months after that, the owner of the new company I was working for had some financial trouble, and they needed to cut down staff (it was a small company, it had 3 owners and 3 employees). I had accumulated some good experience from this job, and thankfully I was able to find a new job the very same week that I found out I had only two more weeks of work left. And right around this time I was also working on the Games Day board with Vexxus. When I lost my job I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford the trip to Baltimore. But as I said, I did manage to find new work.

My new job was even better than the other two. Vexxus and I worked hard and brought the board to Games Day in Baltimore. Yay! We had a blast. I got tons painted for my army! Having been at this new job for 4 or 5 months, I was finally getting settled and was able to continue work on my Chaos Dwarfs! I managed to finish the Blunderbuss sculpting I was doing, and made a mold of my new creations. I’ve made an entire unit from the castings now, and it’s nearly all assembled.

Then came another twist.

My brother was working for a small marketing company for his internship through his University, and got me an opportunity to have a job interview with them. I was in a fairly good position as I was comfortable with my new job, but this even newer job was back in my hometown. A long story short: I got the job!

Now I am in flux once more! I get to move everything back to my hometown (4 hour drive). My girlfriend Steph decided she was going to come with me (as her work contract was soon to expire). So right now, I am inbetween cities. I’ve already worked 7 days at the new job and it seems really great. But am enjoying a bit of time off so that I can pack up all my stuff to move back to Mississauga.

Then another twist!

Steph and I have been living together for over a year now, and on Christmas, I proposed and she accepted. So Steph is now my fiancee!

So in 2011, I will be moving all my stuff and then saving some money (we are living out of my parent’s place for a bit to save money), then finding a new apartment, then planning a small wedding!

As I said, very busy! I had planned on finishing two units of BBs before the new year, but this month has just been insane!

So if you skipped over the huge paragraphs the summary is - I got a new job, I am now engaged to my lovely fiancee Stephanie, and we are moving to Mississauga.

Since I’ve been very absent since Games Day, I just wanted to let you all knowing what was going on in my life!

That’s all for now! :hat off


Congratz on it all… I guess. :slight_smile:


Oh, hehe… I think I can forgive you. :slight_smile:

Good luck with all!


Steph and I have been living together for over a year now, and on Christmas, I proposed and she accepted.  So Steph is now my fiancee!

Heh, who cares about the rest!! As long as you are both happy and healthy that's all that really matters! Congratulations to you both and all the best in the (very exciting) coming years!!




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Congratulations, what an awesome Christmas. All the best in the new year!


now you have gone through a very very tough time, now haven’t you?

i don’t know what it’s like, but it doesn’t sound really good…

however, you now have a job, are married and you’re moving back to you hometown!

nice work and congrats.

p.s.: don’t forget to give us pictures of those BBs! (i’ve seen the WIPs and i must say i love 'em!)

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow Xander that sounds like it was an awesome year! All the best. :hat off


Congrats mate, welcome to the soon to be doomed group!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, so many twists! congrats on the engagement!


Congrats dude :cheers I think you actually had more different employers than me, which is impressive.

You forgot to mention you even found time to make my epic website :wink:


Sounds like you scored big this year. I had a similar experience when I first moved to the US. Looking for a job is soul destroying, but in the end it all works out great.


Thanks for all the comments guys!

Additionally, I have been doing correspondance courses through my university to finish my degree. And I made a lot of progress on that this year!


Congratulaions Xander! :hat off

I wish you a great upcoming time … may your dreams come true! :cheers



Congratulations mate! All the best for a happy & prosperous new year!


Congrats mate, welcome to the soon to be doomed group!;P



Sounds like you’ve been really busy. Congrats to you and Steph.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, you’ve had a lucky and an excellent year. Many congratulations on all that has and is yet to come.

Incoming joke, suitable only for CDO and not intended to be a serious consideration: get a Chaos Dwarf couple on the wedding cake :wink:

Lastly, my plane ticket and wedding invite haven’t arrived yet, so how much longer should I give it? :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Excellent stuff man! My tooth cracked in half. Enjoy the upcoming married life, I sure am!



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