[Archive] I've never seen this before: "Terraclips"

Thommy H:

Saw some of their upcoming releases on Frothers recently - essentially, it’s durable, printed cardboard terrain that you just clip together. You don’t need glue or scissors or anything, and look at it:

They sell for about £30 a set (plus another tenner for the plastic clips, which they sell separately, annoyingly…) which I think is pretty good for what is essentially “Mordhiem in a box”. I don’t know whether they have much utility for Chaos Dwarf players specifically (although the Prison of the Forsaken would make great themed skirmish terrain for them) but I’m just surprised I haven’t heard more about this stuff before. They seem too good to be true.


More previews of the dungeon kits.


Yeah, I’ve seen this Malifaux-Terrain before. The terrain alone makes me wanna play the game ^^

I wonder whether the “Streets” would make a nice cityfight-board for 40k, but I guess it’s too small for that…


Thommy H:

It’s modular, so just buy a few packs. Not sure it would work for 40K, really. Certainly Mordheim or Warhammer Quest though. Maybe the currently hypothetical Titan Wargames skirmish game too?


Interesting find Thommy


Mordheim, confrontation, hybrid, the sewers even maybe for necromunda…

I really like the sewer pack (not a big fan of prison-pach though…)

Also, taking a closer look, the old mordheim buildings will work better for mordheim than the ‘streets of malifaux’ though… the open topped buildings in which to position your men is quite important to play a decent game of Mordheim.


Those. Are cool.

Hmmm. Wonder how hard it would be to do something similar.


Awesome find, I’ll be buying some of these for my Mordheim Campaign!


There is some really good cardboard terrain out now, here is some more:

E&I Wall Set #1 - Lord Zsezse Works | Paper models | DriveThruRPG.com


I’ve fiddled around with the Terraclips terrain before, I can definitely say that the stuff is durable. The cardboard is actually a little thicker than the cardboard used in the re-release of Space Hulk. The buying clips separately thing is a pain in the ass, though.