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Sorry this is late, Someone wanted to know about the jabberwocks so here is the fluff from 3rd ed rulebook…

The jabberwock is a creature of chaos recognisable by is bipedal, vaguely humanoid shape and tiny wings. Its long sinuous neck supports an ugly beackless but otherwise turkey-like head. Jabberwocks generally breed true and (unusually for chaos creatures) only with each other. However, individual features can vary a great deal, including claws, the shape and size of the tail, length of limbs and colour. It is difficult to see what sort of creature may have been distorted to produce the jabberwock. It may be the spawn of some sort of humanoid, probably a troll as they have the same regenerative powers. It has been written of jabberwocks that thier only invariable characteristics are that they are very brave, very aggressive and rather stupid;this is reminiscent of trolls. Although winged, Jabberwocks cannot fly - they flap there wings as they run or knuckle walk along producing a disconcerting hummuing noise.

Jabberwocks are large monsters standing over 12 feet tall and often much larger. Although there forelimbs are manipulative, they often knuckle walk along the ground after the manner of apes. Jabberwocks can be any colour and are frequently luminous.

The second edition fluff states much the same but does not go into as much detail as the 3rd ed… I will get the sketch up a bit later… my scanner is being a bit of a… well its not working properly to put it nicely.

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Good to see some info on them. They sound very Tzeentchian to me and I agree that they seem similar to trolls. Beyond the point of Chaos Trolls aligned to a god. Maybe they are Daemonic Tzeentchian Chaos Mutant Trolls. Of Doom. And Other Bad Stuff. What Else Can I Add To Make The Name Longer? He he he.

EDIT: Must make some Chaos Trolls of Tzeentch based on this…


I still see a few of these popping up on ebay, pretty cool looking models.

There are lots of crazy creature pre-4th ed, when I was flipping through all the early books looking for the Jabberwock I found lots of funny things!


Awesome, thanks for the fluff.


12’ tall?

My old Jabberwock miniature is way smaller than that.

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Is it to scale like the armies we play with? :smiley: Joking. But, seriously, is it 12’ considering a CW is 6’. If that makes sense?

zorn sabretooth:

for inspriration watch the film jabberwocky


But, seriously, is it 12' considering a CW is 6'. If that makes sense?

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Yes, it makes sense, and no it isn't.
The Jaberwocky miniature is about the same height as a CW.
12' should make it at least Ogre sized, and it is nothing like that.




It might only be as tall as the CW but, The Jabberwock mini is bent over in its “knuckle walk” pose so if it was standing up straight it should be a bit taller. Well as far as I can tell anyways as I have not got one of these models yet so I am only going off pictures and what you have said.

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Ah, well a CW is between 7 and 9 ft tall IIRC, but the models represent 6-7ft tall ones. However, it just says they stand 12ft tall (the Jabberwock) that is. So, mayhaps it is if they stand on their rear leg? Or if they raise their head or something… Irrespectively, I remember the models as well now, but the descritption conjoured a slightly different image in my mind and I shall use that for those trolls I mentioned earlier.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

but the film jabberwock i don’t think you see the monster and must get that coatl for my lizzards :slight_smile:


you get to see the jabberwock in the movie, I saw the movie like last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

you get to see the jabberwock in the movie, I saw the movie like last week :P

oh i've just seen bit's of it