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Morning, Since it is sometimes a while between when I start a unit and when I finish it, I figured I would start posting other ongoing wargame related projects that take up the interim time (and a few that I have completed in the past which may be of interest).

I’ll start with a scratch-build project that I completed earlier this year.  I did a commission project for a friend in my gaming group who’s preferred genre is post-apocalyptic gaming.  The specific request was to build a greenhouse in the post apocalyptic style.  I scratch-built the model and then painted it, and the friend who commissioned it completed the basing.

Blog Writeups on the project are below:

Part 1 - Building


Part 2 - Painting


Part 3 - Basing


Cheers, JR


It looks well made, and sizeable. The inclusion of many details is a great feature! I’m sure your friend is a happy customer. :wink:


It’s been a while since I have posted up anything non-Chaos Dwarf.  Figured it was time to put out a few other projects that I am actively working on.

1.  First, a fairly complex refurbishment project:  

This one is an OOP Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter made by TimeSlip Creations (not sure on the actual scale, but guessing between 1/12 and 1/18).  I picked this up on Ebay for less than $50.  The model is a brute at around 22" long, but is in need of some very serious repair which will make it a fun experiement.  I’ve heard they have re-released the model; not sure if the new version is the same scale or not.  This is going to be a long term project, but thought it might be of interest, so I will post progress here as I get to it:

2.  Second, inspired by Fuggit Khan’s beautiful Star Blazers models, below are some shots of my collection acquired from various model and toy ranges.  These are a mix of scales (specifically the destroyers)which matters not at all as long as I select appropriate classes of ship when stating them out to play Full Thrust.

With a few minor exceptions, I have opted not to paint the entire models instead just doing the line work and painting a few key areas on the models.  The Yamato and Automated Battleship have line-work and paint primarily on the wave cannon and engine components.  The destroyers likewise have minimal paint (mostly just picking out a few details.  I used a black wash to lay in the line-work, working to quickly wipe off the excess before it dried.  The result is not nearly as clean as Fuggit’s line-work on his models.  If the wash stays on for even a few seconds too long, it tends to smudge and leave unwanted residue (which my slightly blurry not too close up shots hide nicely).  I may have to switch over to his much better technique.

The patrol cruiser (bottom right in the first photo below) is the only model that is 100% painted.  The original model was an obnoxious blue plastic color which looked as non-military as one can get.  I updated it with a gray/red waterline scheme which is a great nod to the nautical origins of the ship design, and one of the things I like most about the Yamato’s scheme.  I have not repainted most of the models to match, but I will likely paint several still awaiting paint similarly:

And the entire collection with many WIP models, including torpedo destroyers, cargo vessels, and the Arcadia (I know, not Star Blazers… still ship in space theme though).  I will post up additional completed models as they are ready:

The custom bases were made from threaded rod, T-Nuts, and clear CD case covers cut into hexagons.  I cut off the base of a T-Nut then drilled and glued the threaded section into the bottom of the ship.  These work great on the table top, and make for a quick way to break down and store the bases.

Cheers, JR


If the kits are in different scales, then maybe you should use that as an excuse to experiment with some forced perspective pics :wink:

Fuggit Khan:

Oooooh this is cool stuff! :hat off
I remember that old Buck Rogers TV series as a kid, I loved it (although I often rooted for the Draconians ;)).
That will be quite a project to rescue/restore that Thunderfighter model…is it resin? Please share pics of your progress on it, I’m sure you will give the model the love it deserves <3

And what a great collection of Star Blazers kits! Very nicely detailed and it looks like you painted a blue engine glow too? You always have an uncanny ability to make beautiful shades/highlights of blue in your models. Very very nice :slight_smile:

Aaaaaaaand I spot the Captain Harlock ship too :cheers
Such a great ship, another of my all time favorite spaceship designs…space pirates, what’s not to love?
And your custom plastic bases are quite ingenious…thank you for sharing how you made those. I will keep a watchful eye on this thread, in hopes of seeing more :hat off


If the kits are in different scales, then maybe you should use that as an excuse to experiment with some forced perspective pics

I wouldn't have thought of it, but the idea made me laugh out loud. I may just have to do exactly that.:cheers
That will be quite a project to rescue/restore that Thunderfighter model...is it resin? Please share pics of your progress on it, I'm sure you will give the model the love it deserves

Fuggit Khan
Yes it is resin. The thin sections are standard resin. I can see in some of the thicker sections where there is damage that it appears to be an opaque resin shell with a clear resin fill. There are a number of very finicky items to fix such as the canopy that someone filled in with white plasticard which I am now carefully cutting away. I have no idea yet how I am going to manage the cockpit build out. Likely it will be a scratch-built custom interior, hopefully with some green LED lighting and a magnetized canopy. I'm definitely going to get some more green stuff or milliput experience as well sculpting some of the detail back on once the damaged breaks are repaired. I'll post photos as I go.


This is a great spaceship fleet :cheers. Great to see some space vessels around here and also to watch the progress on the Buck Rogers ship :hat off


Nice fleet! I recognized Captain Harlock’s ship now that my brother and I watched the movie in French (we understood little and could fill in the story with our own imagination at a lot of places). Your other ships, as well as Fuggit’s, are good advertisement for Japanese spaceship comics. Got to check them out, too.

Nice paintjobs so far! Playing with perspective were ship sizes differ is a good idea. do you plan to build a sort of photobox complete with starry space to pull it off?


That glasshouse is inspirational. You have the right to be proud of it.

And a second member with cool little Japanese spaceships. Great to see more of them


Teaser pic.  Something else I’ve had sitting a long time that I have started working on.  Hope to have it done by end of January:

5 slaves to the first chaos dwarf to ID it.



I don’t have a clue but I love the blue paint work

Fuggit Khan:

Teaser pic.  

It looks like something from Tron?


No idea, looks a little bit like Tau, but Tau Designs are from Anime. What is it?


Looks like the collossal from the retribution of scyrah


It’s a Tron hover board! (I never watched Tron so I have no idea xD )


Nice thread! And the first post! Yes! A green house, that’s a super nice build and a great idea. I’m gonna have to make myself one of these some day. Good stuff Jackswift.


I can’t but help think that it’s an Eldar titan leg. Could it be an old Armorcast variant, if such even existed back in the days? The details do not match any Forgeworld Eldar Titan or GW’s Wraithknight, yet the rifled area on the flank and the plate trims speak of old 40k origins. Whatever it is, it’s well painted to boot!

Edit: Found it. Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan, or possibly a Warlock Titan. Most promising paintjob choice for it.


Admiral, you are correct sir!  Slaves to you.   I’ll post up some progress photos soon.  Thanks for the comments on the paint.  The Tron look identified was exactly what I was going for.  Used a washer as a guide to get that circle detail.  The rest is freehand.  Cheers!

Fuggit Khan:

The Tron look identified was exactly what I was going for.  Used a washer as a guide to get that circle detail.  The rest is freehand.  Cheers!

It's a perfect look!
Really conveys the glowing light effect...and clever trick using the washer as a guide :hat off


A minor update to the titan.  Completed the foot.  More to follow this or next week if all goes as planned… granted my other active project (which is eating into hobby time) is refinishing a buffet and hutch for the dining room, so we shall see.