[Archive] Johnny-Crass :The Sculpting Tool Strikes Back


So I have started work on my Chaos Dwarves slowly but surely. Here is what I have to show for a week and a half of working on and off.

Have about 20 in this stage

And then some of the more finished ones

I also have a Iron Daemon on the way and some other goodies :hat off



And then some of the more finished ones

Mr T?

All looks terrific, man. Go on.


I have a Mr.T mohawk myself and I am quite short. So I added myself into my army

So I begin my basing

For my Destroyer

And a few mock-ups of how some of my models on their new bases

And something of a sneak peek. His beard needs touching up


Painted a little today

Kera foehunter:

I love the Mustash and mohalk on that Sexy cd you made


I love using that cork for basing!

Keep up the good work (:


Great sculpting! These are looking really nice!


Thanks all. Means a ton coming from this forum

I will just drop this here


So first look at what is to come for my lord selection


Great work. I like what I’m seeing. I am looking forward to seeing more.

By the way, is that a bent paintbrush behind that Ogre? I can see how tha would be useful.


Yes all my paint brushes are bent

Iron Daemon and Prophet updates ahoy!


Got my Iron Daemon all painted up. Enjoy


love the stuff man

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Kera foehunter:


It is a certain style this local store sells. Helps with the shakey hands like you would not believe


Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Ghouls. I give you my BSB


I seem to of not uploaded the photos but the shield and all the armor besides the helm where resculpted to fit the chaos dwarf theme. As for the beard it being my first full price finecast mini I was less than willing to carve it up.


Goodness, Gracious, Greatballs of Fire! (Prophet finished)


So here is my Lvl 2 and the unit champ for my Infernal Guard


like the champ.

some points:

the light from the fireball in the lvl 2 is a very good attempt but i think you can improve it. personally i find lighting very difficult in models. i think in your lvl 2 it is too intense.

also i think you could improve our bases a bit.