[Archive] jolpis's waste walkers


right things have been going slow latley so i tought i need a train to chase me, and i think making a blog is perfect.

so first of is my hot pot(its not CD but still)

then theres my completed unit of warriors that i think you know by now,

my hobbos its all very wip but the painted models is completed, but the bad pictas are wrecking painting on his face its based on camo green.

(tiny arms)

and a custom ballista using only BFSP parts

damn pictures turned out too small… wonder why

first one to guess why i call them waste walkers gets a slave

NOTE: I added the img tags for you to the first one if you were unsure how to do it- Willmark


looks nice,but hard to see…

bigger pics really would be nice,if possible

why you call them waste walkers?

cause they are walking through the waste landes?

cause you reallised building an army with no support by the production company is a waste of time but you keep walking on?:wink:


crap right on guess 1 and 2 here’s a slave


seems pretty good, anychance to get some larger and or closer pics? keep those updates coming, its gonna be fun to see this one grow.

Kera foehunter:

that some great work jolpis


Yes, they look good over all but its kinda hard to tell the different models. Bigger pics would be nice!


Take a peak at the first post for my comments as well.





 after the picture address
had to put a



take a peak at the first post and edit it, you can see what I did in order for the code to work.

Pyro Stick:

I think the reaosn your pics are small is because when you are uploading them to imageshack they are automatically being made smaller. You can use these tage instead to make them a bit bigger but they arent as clear:

Used on a pic:

I suggest you use photobucket. That way you can choose what size you want your pics to be when uploading: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9623


Some good work there jolpis like the hot pot have not seen one in years :slight_smile: