[Archive] Jorma's 40k Showcase


Sooooooo… Lets kick it off with some Tau Empire, don’t know if you guys care about these future stuff, but I will still be posting them! Muahaha!!

So lets begin with HQ choices.

First up Tau Ethereal

Then my converted Farsight, did this waaay before the new model, which looks kinda kewl also!

And lastly, my Commander with his 2 bodyguards



Elite choices.

Riptide, I’m gonna need another one of these!


First unit of battlesuits, these guys are the suicide guys, deepstriking in the middle of enemy, shooting at a tank and then dying! Yay!

Second unit, these guys are the more traditional plasma/missile pod combination, long range devastation and plasma from close range.


Troops choices!

20 kroots, nice at distrupting the enemy.

Aaaand fire Warriors.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3


Fast Attack

Lonely piranha, need more.

2 units of pathfinders in the same picture.

Drones, while they are fast attack choice, they are always just spread on my units, 4 marker drones, 5 shields and 6 gun drones.


Aaaand heavy support.

2 old broadsides.

Sniper drones

And 2 hammerheads.

aaand thats it.