[Archive] Journey: Wrath of Demons


Yesterday at my local games club I played a new board game called Journey: Wrath of Demons. But the game itself is not what I’m posting about. It comes with several very nice minis that I think would be excellent for Chaos Dwarf aligned Daemons or Beastmen:

They could probably do with more armour to be truly Chaos Dwarfy, but as is they’re still quite nice, especially if you used them as Beastmen, Marauders or Orcs. :slight_smile:

There’s also a big gribbly that would make for a great daemonic mount for a Chaos Lord:


Looks really sweet!

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No idea where to buy it cheaply though. The guy who brought it to my club got it via Kickstarter, but he did say that resin versions of the miniatures are planned for retail separate to the boxed game. Fingers crossed he’s right and they’re affordable :slight_smile:


They look OK. Only thing Im not sure of is the Centaur. 2 Shields? and he looks quite stunted / short


I actually quite like the centaur, completely different from the normal half man half animal, to half animal half demon, but then the other way around. Could work as bull centaur (it sort of has a bulls head).