[Archive] juggernaught siege engines


1st, these are not the big tower things I am talking 'bout, but the small deamonic bull thingamawhuts of khorne

now, does anyone else think that the first deamons that the dawi zharr would bind woukld eb the ones hat look like they amde em, I eman seripusly, the look like we built em anyway

so, i was thinking sorta adding them to the army as a rare choice, but with big guns strapped to there backs…kinda


With cannons on their back ? What about a mobile mortar ?

Hashut’s Blessing:

A) Putting siege engine in the title makes people think you mean the one ya don’t :smiley: B) We did make them. C) I’m not sure we’d use them as even by our standards, they’re a bit temperamental (by which I mean likely to eat us :smiley: ) IMO. However, if you want to do that and your opponents let you, go for it. Let us see a model as well. Don;t let my personal tastes stop you.