[Archive] Juggernaut as Great Taurus?

Onii One Orc:

So, someone here on CDO recently posted a conversion of a great taurus made from a juggernaut, and I couldn’t help but think of what an awesome conversion that was. I’m just wondering, would the chaos dwarf lord have to be standing on the juggernaut’s back? Does the beast come with a saddle already sculpted on? Or would something have to be …constructed? Horns are easy enough to find and create… the method of mounting chaos dwarf to mount is the only really worry that I could think of, off the top of my head. Ideas or thoughts?


The Juggernaut is cool but not scaled for a dwarf mini.


The Juggernaut is cool but not scaled for a dwarf mini.

What do you mean Mark, too small or too big?

Hashut’s Blessing:

The juggernaught itself is scaled to a human (or superhuman rather) sized being, so it is a little too large for a Dwarf to straddle without looking silly, but it does have a saddle. If you can pull it off, go for it, otherwise, create a platform or something so he can stand.

Kera foehunter:

i think it sound great !!! you could have the sorceror stand up on the back of your taurus holding the reines and casting a spell!! how that for drama!


I have to disagree - I can’t really see, why it shouldn’t could be used. It would look bigger - but it stil fits a 50x50 mm base. And if you look at Jugger-riding Khorne lord - it actually looks a bit small (IMO):

I haven’t had the Chaos Lord on Juggernaut model in my hands - but only the Bloodcrusher model - but I belive that it’s the exact same bodypart used for both. So there is no saddle on it. Think I would place the lord standing between the shoulder blades - and even perhaps on some kind of a trone to volume him up a bit.

So go for it - and good luck.


I’ll have to check to be sure but I believe the mortal Lord’s Jugger is bigger than the Bloodletter one…

Ghrask Dragh:

There is a saddle on the model, which does add to the height of the mini on top, but not by much.

The jugger is only slightly bigger than the body of our very own taurus so I think the Chaos Dwarf conversion could work, you may have to sculpt legs or at least heavily convert the ones you’ll be using on your Chaos Dwarf Lord.

Hashut’s Blessing:

clam, nobody said they think it shouldn;t be use lol :smiley: also, where it gets thin just before the hind legs, those plates on the back are a saddle to me. I was merely stating the proportional length of a Dwarfs legs might not be too easy/natural looking (as far as Fantasy goes) for it to avoid looking a little comical.



What can I say - I’m danish :stuck_out_tongue: - and to me ‘not scaled for dwarfs’ - could mean ‘not to be used for dwarfs’ - but yes, no one said so - sorry!

And you can call it a saddle if you want to - to me it looks like armour :D.

And if you at the Herald of Khorne he is just standing on the back - so it can easily work with shouting: ‘why is he not in his saddle’



I don’t know if the WoC one is bigger than the DoC one. But the DoC one would work as a mount, I’m making my lord on one. I am going to sculpt a small saddle so that the riders legs are sitting more naturally.

Onii One Orc:

Yeah, I was talking about using the WoC juggernaut, I like the pose of the legs better on that one. I’ve got no idea where I’d get dwarf legs that are in a sitting position, so if anything I might just put the chaos dwarf lord in a standing position on the juggernaut’s shoulders, maybe with a small platform as clam said. Plus, it’s a bit more imposing that way. :smiley: This conversion, if I get around to it, is still a long way in the future, but inspiration struck and I had to post and ask about it.

Might be able to get some small jewelry chains as reins, and have the lord standing up in mid-swing with a giant axe or something…


I didnt that it was this post till i post my thread, but i alos was thinking on the same idea, so i made a photoconversion to see how its look, I think that the wings and the lord is from Xander´s Great taurus, hope he doesnt bottter i use them for this:

I think that the Bloodletter jugg will wotk better as doesnt have as much neck as Mortal Chaos Jugg (for this picture i cut off part of the neck of the black jugg)…

so finally did you do any conversion?

Kera foehunter:

ah!! i think he would care !!