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I should really introduce myself before I start. I’m Liam from Scotland I’m 24 years old. I have been shuffling around on here CoolMini and Massive Voodoo for a few months.

I have been looking around on here for too long - Some may have seen a post asking if I could go about making a Chaos Dwarf Ogre (if it would fit in). You see, I dont play Warhammer I’m more of a painter. Albiet not a great one haha and dont know much lore or back story for these guys!

Although I’m just a painter I do like to stick with one army for a while and ive taken a great liking to the Forgeworld Mini’s.

I’ve not painted in Around two years although I have finally started painting again, I’m not usually too impressed with my own work and a lot gets disgarded and that’s usually why I give up! Trying to turn that around this time, Stick by it and try to progress.

And what better way than to make a thread…show my work… and get some tips advice and make friends in the process?

I would like to make some friends on here. I have no friends IRL who like to paint miniatures and I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to joining local groups :stuck_out_tongue: SO it would be nice.

Anyway enough waffle(boring story!) I hope everyone can bare with me (im at work and will post pictures of my WIP when I get home!) Got my priorities right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks guys


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Welcome to the forum of Hashut.

Would like to see more chaos dwarf ogres. Seen some great ones so far.


OK So heres the Daemonsmith. Its very much a work in progress.

Im pretty happy with the gold and the silver so far

Please bare in mind this is just the basecoat for the red armour…havn’t even started on it

The same goes with the loincloth thing he wears its just a base coat.

Pretty happy with the face too apart from the shiny bit

You may notice his right shoe in the pics… Bloody dropped him to take this pic and it chipped! GRRRR LOL. And yes rather strange technique with the knife up his ***!



Heres the Ogre… An even bigger work in progress.

You may recognise the character…Or what he once was.

His belly is filled with tin foil and just some green stuff on top (not started it yet)

His back iS a HUGE work in progress lol!

Im unsure to keep his beard or make a…’'Dwarfy one?[attachment=4150][attachment=4151]


Heres the Daemonsmiths base so far

Wasnt sure to use this…or make a larger one… time will tell when painting starts…

as you can tell im pretty Flakey and unconfident :smiley:



The Daemonsmith looks great! The paint scheme drew my eye, for a reason I can’t quite place… I’m not sure if it’s the red next to the white.


I agree. the colours contrast very well allowing each to stand out. I seem to tend to blur them way too much in comparison


Hey guys thanks for the compliments. The gold is pretty good and has some ok shading but its hard to take photos of as its true metallic colours so it doesnt show very well.

I have a Nikon p510 but im useless with it… :frowning: those photos are from my iphone

Any suggestions of where to go with the ogre? I actually thought of giving him a grotesque mutated arm a lot like this one:

CoolMiniOrNot - Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch by izeColt

But I guess this wouldn’t really make him a follower of ‘‘hashut’’?

I wasnt sure if I were to stick with the current beard or mimic the beards from forgeworlds bull centaurs.