[Archive] Just incase you haven't seen this yet, Ultramarine by giganticdark

Ghrask Dragh:

I’ve been following it for a long while now and the finished model really is something to behold.

Ultramarine by giganticdark.

A masterpiece for all us modellers I think you will agree.

You can see the progression of this here
Space Marine WIP Part 1.
and here
Space Marine WIP Part 2.



wow,cant remember ive ever seen such a high detailed model

what scale is this?normal 40k mini or inquisitor?




HOLY SMOKES! wooooooooooow, great find Ghrask… was this for a golden daemon or anything? or just so he can show off his amazing skills to the whole world? jealous

my dunk method doesn’t hold a candle to this :wink:


Pretty damn cool, although I think his head could have been angled better. Just quibbling, its awesome :cheers


Blast… just when I was thinking I was actually marginally competent…

now I feel like a newb again…

That space marines looks AMAZING! :o

Border Reiver:

When we compare ourselves to guys like this 95% of us feel inadequate.

50% of us will stop painting

10% will strive to achieve this level and fail, but will improve

5% will try to achieve this level and will not improve

the remaining 35% will realize that I pulled these stats out of my back passage.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

HA HA Border Reiver!

I’m totally speachless! Is this really the tiny 40K scale?

Ok, i went to the “In Progress” site and C@P’ed this -

A couple of years ago I treated myself to Forgeworld�?Ts Collector Series Space Marine, for those of you not familiar with the model, it is a large scale depiction of a generic Space Marine at about 120mm tall or 1/15 - my favourite scale.
Ok…it’s a terrific model, but now that I know it’s in a larger scale I’m not AS impressed by it. Still…10/10, but now it’s not 100/10! :smiley:


Here’s a link to some pics of the model before conversion, etc:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

The large scale models look beautiful, but like I said, if they were the standard little mini, I would have messed my pants!


If I remember correctly this is 200mm or therabouts… so that’s about 8 inches for the metricly impared…


If I remember correctly this is 200mm or therabouts.. so that's about 8 inches for the metricly impared..

That *does* make a difference. Though it is still very amazing work.

I let things like this inspire me. I may never get that good, but it keeps me motivated to keep improving.


120mm …

And I don’t think that DOES make a difference. Different scales means a different concentration of details required, painting skill and techniques. Granted if one could get that much detail on a smaller model, it would be exponentially difficult, but to shrug off this achievement because its a larger model is ridiculous.

Try painting a 54mm model and see how you fare, particularly if it doesn’t have lots of detail on it to begin with.


Not making light of it GRNDL, that was not my intention. Sorry if I came across that way.

It’s more along what you’re saying… different skills, and techniques.

It still is absolutely breathtaking.


definitely. making believable detail on a larger scale would be harder because everything is so much more visible.

more surface area to mess up on. which is what I would do. oh god, I’d never be able to do that. ever.



I think you’re selling yourself short. I believe that anyone, if they take the time and have the patience, has it in them to do stuff like this. Sure, talent helps and will ultimately contribute to the success of the model after all is said and done, but we can all achieve great things. Knowledge of technique helps a lot too, and if anything, this step-by-step in the CMON links show that there’s a lot to be learned.

Apply yourself, spend the time, who knows what you can accomplish? Just don’t say you can’t. Here’s a bit of GRNDL zen: if you aim for nothing, you will hit it.


What a truly amazing masterpiece. Just looking at that pic it doesn’t do it justice. When you see all the huge amount of conversion work he did, and the intricate painting (looking at the links Ghrask gave), it shows this to be one of the greatest minis ever painted imho.


Just gone through the hole WIP an painting thread - and I must say - awesome stuff in there - but the guy is mad :smiley: - he even replaced the lences in the sight - and you can’t even see it :smiley:

And what an awesome tutorial about weathering (if you airbush your nodels ;))

And steel balls for rivets … That’s an awesome idea - anyone know where to get 1mm-1,5mm steel balls online ?? And I might give it a try.

Kera foehunter:

wow that cool !! nice details and painting