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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the CDO forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Bob Olley and I’ve been making 28mm scale gaming minis for almost 20 years. For a short time I worked for GW and made their range of Iron Claw minis which happened to include dwarfs, one of my favourite miniature subjects. I can’t understand why GW choose to stop making 40K dwarfs, as I know many gamers miss them as a race, so to fill the gap I am currently producing an ongoing range of sf dwarfs of my own that I sell through my website called Olleys Armies. Cheers Bob


hey there welcome to the forum. big fan of yours, although i dont think the mods will be about about using us as advertising space . . . .


Moved to the Market Place, since that is more suitable.


It’s nice to have active mini producers taking an interest in CD (I presume that’s why you’re here ;)).  Although I don’t own any of your Minis at the moment, I am a fan of your Psychic Scrunts.  Now if only you’d do some evil Pyschic Scrunts, like a cabal…


Bob Olley has his own website for ‘advertising’, but it would be nice from time to time if he let us know here about up coming minis that would be easy to copy over to CD.


If you are planning to produce dwarfs/ scrunts suitable for use as Chaos Dwarfs, we could look at putting a direct link to your website somewhere on this website.  No promises as I’d need a Staff meeting on this, but I think it would make sense looking to the future.  After all, this is a CD website first and foremost.


You really shouldnt join just to advertise , but those are good.


I remember Ironclaw from “back in the day” the skeletons were awesome.


The old Iron Claw goblins were great figures.


Wow, Bob Olley himself! :cheers:


Although flagrant spam advertising is generally discouraged, this man makes very specialized miniatures, which is something we can all appreciate. Such posts should definitely be mad in the Market Place section where business transactions are encouraged. Some of those miniatures look excellent, and we would definitely look forward to some evil Dwarfs of the fantastic variety.

Bob Olley has gone out of his way to sign up, so let’s show him some courtesy.

Mr. Olley, feel free to update this thread when you have new releases and other notable news.



Those are amazing figures.  Makes me wish I could play Squats in 40k.  Of course, they would have to be Chaos Squats.  :hashut

Welcome to the site!


Welcome Bob - great fan of your miniatures - and yes - please keep us updated on your Quest :slight_smile: