[Archive] Just me or some bug?

Fuggit Khan:

Thank Hashut the problem's fixed - was unable to log in at all over the past few days due to the error corrupting my username somehow :c

I also was completely unable to log in during the php error...it would allow me to log in "successfully" but then immediately prompt me for my login again, each time booting me out.
I blame it on those damn elves ;)

Glad to see it's fixed...thank you Admin Staff :hat off


Our system is running on an old version of PHP, version 5.2.x and my host keeps trying to do systemwide updates to 5.3.x which is what causes the issues. I notified them and they were able to point our server back to the appropriate version.

This begs the question about the future-proofability of the site though. I’m definitely going to have to find a more modern system for CDO in the year(s) to come.


Thanks for the fix. Yeah, it might be worthwhile to look for up-to-date systems for the site.


Have found a problem on the main site.

For me the new pics of GH don`t show on chrome or opera.