[Archive] Just saw a Hellcannon in the Warhammer online cinematic trailer


I hadn’t noticed this before:


at 1:34, you can see a pair of Chaos Dwarf Hellcannons.


Yep, they’re all over the place at Chaos camps in WAR, but they aren’t manned by Chaos Dwarfs but by Marauders. As far as I know, there aren’t any CDs in Warhammer Online.


I’ve only played the game briefly, and kept getting distracted by the dark elf chicks - I didn’t realize the hellcannons were so common.

So, I guess this thread is kind of a ‘Hey! The sky is blue!’.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Nice find. I wonder why they didn’t use Cd’s to man the Hellcannons as they’re pretty much the figures that come with the model.

Why must they always make a reference to “The Matrix” in all these things now? It’s getting Cliche!


Nice trailer - I like especially the Drak Elf Sorceress!  :D



A great cinematic would like to see a whole warhammer fantasy movie XD

The game is awesome to me:D i greatly enjoy even only the endless trial.

When i smash goblin shamans and dark elf sorceress with my bright wizard Skaaron i feel great XD

Hellcannons as well other warmachines are usable by players this is why you don’t see CDs driving themXD There are no Cds players

Great to use Elven ballistas or Empire cannon


The Hellcannons are quite common in the Human/Chaos pairing, as said with Marauder crew. Interesting thing is how it is animated and that there is also a three barrel version of it. Personally, I can recommend Warhammer online (while it lasts), if only for walking all realms and look at all the cool terrain (including cities, war camps and fortresses of many fractions). Now I have a clear view on how Warhammer terrain must look.