[Archive] Just spotted...Chaos Dwarf Abyssal Slave Driver on Chariot

Fuggit Khan:

New to me (but perhaps it’s been out for a long time?)…a very cool chariot with slave driver:


It says it’s metal, not sure if that refers to the driver or the entire model? But its’ pretty cool, and has so many conversion opportunities. Could be converted to a palanquin, a gun mount for artillery, etc.


:frowning: Ahhhck yeah they released these along with their abyssal dwarf slave orc boar riders. It killed me when I saw them I’d give anything to have had these when I was scratch building my war machines… even now I’m considering tearing apart my scratch built mortars to use that chaise.

They are fairly new


Oh dear. I really think my wish list is growing again

Timothy Archer:

Good , i like the chariot , lots of possibilities !


So crazy to see the price tag compared to the what GW would charge…


I know right? I’m really looking forward to collecting my goblins army with them down the road. Great prices, and I personally like their Gobbos (although to be honest I don’t really care much for most of their stuff).


It’s a very useful product and nice-looking, too. I’m not sold by all Mantic’s things, but some are spot-on. This one is an auto-include for whatever project suits the inclusion of it somewhere.

…and also it could make the start of a crow’s nest in your navy, Fuggit. :yar


I can think of some veeery interesting uses for that… sigh… must… not… accumulate more Chaos Dwarves.


Nice! Lots of possiblities. Not sure on his weapon though


Yah I know what you mean, I think it’s supposed to be a bolt of sorcerus energy - painted up by the pros around here it could probably look really cool. We have been shown time and time again on this forum that Mantic’s painter dosent quite do them justice.