[Archive] Just starting (earthsker WIP)


This is my first thread on this website hello:hat off. I got the BFSP a while ago (I wanted to start orcs and goblins) but I hate dwarfs and didnt know what to do with them so I saw that chaos dwarfs army list was legal and so thats how I started them. This is my WIP earthshaker and crew, and on the right are some unfinished chaos dwarfs with great weapons.

What I am really looking forward to is the Bull centaurs.

P.S Does anyone know what a Lamasu looks like?[/color]

Lord Archaon:

Lammasu is a flying bull with a face of Chaos Dwarf.

By the way i love your Earthshaker.:slight_smile:

And welcom to the forum may Hashut bless you.:slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

That Earthshaker is nuts! I like it!


Those miner weapons look great, welcome to the forum!

Hashut’s Blessing:

All VERY inspirational ideas. Can we get some pics of individual models as well please? Just I’d like to see some details on the crew a little better…


For Lammasu, check out the wiki:



Nice stuff! Don’t neglect your wiki tags Cornixt! [[Lammasu]]! :wink:


Very nice. I like the odd great weapons.:hat off

The Eathshaker is also great, but I thought the Skull Pass cannon was a bit small and turned mine into a death rocket.

Traitor King:

Aye, I like the spikes ect on the eathshaker but i dont liek the way it is positioned. doesnt look stable to me. It also looks a little small to me (I also made my Cannon into a death rocket).

Cant decide whether I like the great weopens or not… they’re certainly different!

baba yaga:

If you want to convert a lammasu I would advise the dark elf manticore model, If you just GS the face you will have a more modern looking lammasu.

On the other hand why the hell a lammasu??? If just turns your already expensive sorcerer lord into a large target.


Yeah, but its a cool concept… The earthshaker is impressive, I may try something similar myself for my death rocket


Yeah, I really like the Earthshaker model, and the here/lord looks pretty cool with that crazy mace of DOOM!!

Welcome to the forums!

Ghrask Dragh:

Great earthshaker thats never been done before!

Great great weapons thats never been done before!

Great whip from skaven tail thats never been done before!

Great ideas keep them coming!! :hat off