[Archive] Kabuki style synthetic crew for Scrappers

Pappa Midnight:

I�?Tve started on another Scrappers crew. This time I�?Tve decided to build a �?oPalladium Athena�?� crew ( all synthetic lifeforms). I�?Tve gone for an oriental theme with a Kabuki style cyborg, cyber sumos,  geisha bots and a towering cyber-samurai.

The Iron Petal Crew

Tesshin   Commander  Synthetic (Warrior)  CBT 6 CMD 6 CON 6  

Cyborg ( Weapon Expert Swords), Marksman +1

Sword, Assault Rifle, Tac-suit, Tactical Harness


Kitsune  Veteran  Synthetic (Warrior)   CBT 5 CMD 5 CON 5    

Man-at-arms +1, kung Fu +1

Sword, SMG, Tac-suit

Maō  Veteran Synthetic (Warrior)     CBT 5 CMD 4 CON 5    

Cyborg ( Inhuman Strength), Redundant Circuits

Machinegun, Great Cleaver, Scrap Metal Armour

Yama & Ryōken Trooper Synthetic (Worker) CBT 4 CMD 2 CON 4

Cyborg (Brute)

Great Bludgeon

Akiko, Hanako & Kimi Trooper Synthetic (Warrior) CBT 4 CMD 2 CON 4

Kung Fu +1


Total 750 Points

I will hopefully start getting some paint down on them soon.