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I am getting ready to go to a tourney this weekend and have just finished painting my dwarf army.


I made a book of grudes with a history my hold but I can’t figure out a way to post it. Here’s the text version:

The foul stench of evil is upon us. Countless minions of wickedness gather outside the doors of our sacred hold Karak Ok-Grund (hold of the skilled Hammerers). This has happened many times before and it will no doubt continue. Still, we must extinguish this evil from our lands.

Our great king Lo-wi Foeslayer has sounded the horn of battle and our army is ready to make war. We grimly confront our destiny with the lamentations of our womenfolk at our backs. Some of us shall not return.

Unlike other times we have gone to war, many of the Beardlings have been ordered to stay behind. It is the more experienced Dawi that will fight this war, our Longbeards and Hammerers. In his wisdom, King Lo-wi refuses to sacrifice the Karak�?Ts future. Dawi don�?Tt breed well and the loss of our Beardlings would allow another hold to take us over.

Our oaths bind us to the Umgi of the Empire. We will honor our oaths, even in the face of certain death. Nothing is worse than the oathbreaker!

The King�?Ts son Andrik Foeslayer marches with us for the first time. He has not seen enough winters to even have a beard but is courageous like his father. The lad is strong and full of spirit. He proudly holds our Karak�?Ts banner. Andrik is accompanied by King Lo-wi�?Ts finest Hammerers. They shall not fail him in battle. We shall not fail.

Woe Unto You this Day!

Your infamy has earned you a spot in Karak

Ok-Grund�?Ts Book of Grudges!

Let it be known to all that General ___________________

And his loathsome army of _________________________

Resorted to dirty and underhanded tactics to �?oBarely�?� defeat the

Noble and righteous forces of Karak Ok-Grund.

May the name ________________ forever be associated with

Snotling dung and cheap watered down beer!!!

Remorsefully yours,

High King

Lo-wi Foeslayer


Finally here the pictures of my completed army. I painted and based everybody in a month so the aren’t the best painted but they aren’t the worst either.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

This is a lovely themed army, which I admit freely although these guys are the despised Dawi and not our nobler, darker Brethren. :wink:


And this all couldn’t go in one post?

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Great minis, I like it alot. Could you provide us with some pictures closer up?


Looks nice.

I really like the display board! Nice touch with the miners.

Kera foehunter:

What no slayers !!! but love the bar tender!!! so your ok !!!

great paint job