[Archive] katsuchan rocket launcher, plan?

Timothy Archer:

Hello I’m seeking help to make this @$$#!! Rocket launcher from mantic …

It looks like the simple thing ever

And then you end with several pieces

Without being able to know what this giant spoon

And several other things exact place…

Does anyone know how to correctly make this thing??

Thanks �Y~?



Isn’t that kit made up out of plastic and metal? If I recall correctly, you basically get the sprue to build a regular dwarven warmachine + upgrade bits. So I think the spoon you mention is part of the dwarven catapult, so you won’t be needing those parts.

I don’t have the kit myself though, but does that help?

Edit: I think it’s actually the Undead catapult, not a dwarven machine. Point still stands though!

Timothy Archer:

Yes thank you but I think you are completely right.

I was just expecting the design to be more surprising than I was thinking.

Nice model, very old school

But that’s my problem with mantic , they are always so close to do something amazing , one more step and that could have been terrific