[Archive] Kazyk the Befouled and his Rot Knights


I have Kazyk coming my way and I want to create a suitable unit of Rot Knights to accompany him. They are meant to be modeled on Rot Beasts, which are essentially large, rotten horses. Has anyone seen some models that will fit the bill for this? I even considered using the grubs from here (http://trollforged.com/shelf_fantasy_Demons.html), but I’m afraid that they will be too different from Kazyk himself… thoughts?


What about this horse as a design starting point?

or making some nurgle modifications to these:

Nurgle is pretty easy, just add some gaping wounds that look pussy and infected, maybe some maggots coming out, areas of exposed bone or guts dangling out. Heck, even some skeletal steeds could work and they’re pretty cheap… just add on some GS so that it looks like there’s some vestigaes of muscles, maybe some internal organs. I think it’d work great.



Not sure how mutated these horses are:



Mutie Raider Miniatures

The first two images are the stock mutie raider horses. These are really nice miniatures, and I am thrilled I picked up enough for a little unit back in the day.


Check out scavengers of Acheron. They are models from Confrontation


Thanks for the ideas, everyone!