[Archive] K'daai Destroyer(1)


I know, I know, it’s not completed or painted… but I’m getting the2blackdragons to build this for me:

They are incredibly talented sculptors and have made:


I’ve actually worked with them in the past, and I was the individual who commissioned the following Hierotitan model from them (which I am incredibly pleased with):

The Destroyer is going to be horribly expensive (think two Forgeworld Bloodthirsters expensive), but I am looking forward to it.


That should be really awesome when its done. Are you going to keep it with wings?


I know this company, and they are gifted.

Ask them to remove wings (excepted if you don’t care about Wysiwyg).

Hope you will be pleased with the result:)


That must cost a million dollars,have them make 2 and I will buy one


The wings will not be on my model.

Just the spiky flamey goliath goodness.