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Hi all,

Just a rules clarification, I think I’m right but I want to make sure. If a Lammasu is using law of shadows the law attribute kicks in after a successful cast. The law attribute says any model of the same troop type within 18" may swap places. The Lammasu is a monster as is the Kdaai Destroyer (and the hellcannon and siege giant) so after a successful cast I should be able to transport the Kdaai across the field. Technically, the rider of a monster counts as a monster too (just like they count as monstrous cavalry if they are mounted on a monstrous beast) so this could work in other armies too. I am thinking about my Dark Elves and Warriors of Chaos which could certainly both use and abuse teleporting monsters. :mad

If this actually works I know what I will be taking to my next tournament. A Kdaai in front of you is bad but a Kdaai on your flank or behind your general is much, much worse.



the only problem I see with this, is that the kdaai is not a character


Hmm, good point. Rereading it and it does say “character”. However the Lammasu is not a character either so maybe it can’t work (except with a Deamon Prince or simmilar).


Uh… I’m with Tsagadai here. If my memory serves me well the rule says “the caster may swap place with any character of the same type within 18.”

The K’daai is not a character…


A monster can be a character, like the Demon Prince.

If you play two mounted lords, you can swap them, because they’re both characters from the same unit type. But you cannot switch a Lammasu with a K’Daai.

Things could be different if you play with an ally or with Storm of Chaos, you can find other characters and monsters in this cases.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

So could the Sorcerer-Prophet swap places with an Infernal Castellan and stick him on the Lammasu?!


So could the Sorcerer-Prophet swap places with an Infernal Castellan and stick him on the Lammasu?!

Grimbold Blackhammer
I would say no because the Sorcerer Prophet is not the one casting the spell. Plus I don't think there is a way to dismount without the mount being killed.


Don’t see this one as working. Pretty much whenever somebody has to revert to using the word “TECHNICALLY” in their arguement I put them on my don’t like playing with guys like this list.

Darnit see now you got my past my one post a year average.