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I need help for my K’daai destroyer - I cant really find a model to use. I have used a balrog and the WoW dwarf before and don’t want to do that again. I dont like the one from Iron - the Kashran monster thingy and I dont got the money for my favourite model - the incarnate of fire from FW. Do any of you have some ideas? I use a mix of mostly RA dwarfs and FW cannons and speciels.

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Thommy H:

The Chaos Space Marine Maulerfiend works pretty well.


I’ve used the Maulerfiend as a K’daai Destroyer, too. If you go to top with conversions you’ll be able to turn it into more of a Chaos Dwarf construct, and distance it from 40k. Start with giving it a chain beard for such a look.

WoW Dwarf? Now you must explain. :wink:






Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The WoW dwarf: http://gizmopolis.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/wow-dwarf-model-700.jpg

@Cornixt: What are theese models?/Where can I get them? :




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The first is called Krull from Mierce Miniatures (range: Bane Legions or Bane Beasts). The last is a Blood Maw from the same range I think.
the middle one is a Ghorgor from Games Workshop, Beastmen, with bits from Skaven, I think plague furnace.
The maulerfiend is definitely cheaper ;-).

Also check out Belech, Scion of Balor


Holy mother of God!!! The first model is 123 pounds! If I wanted to spend that kind of money I would just get the incarnate :slight_smile:


I’m using the Beatmen Ghorgon for my destoryer, really cool model and super great kit. The conversions are really easy.

More on the blog here and here


This is the destroyer I’ll most likely get: http://titan-forge.com/fantasy_miniatures_sons_of_kashan_vra_infernal_golem_of_kashan_vra