[Archive] K'daai Destroyer Upgrade: The K'daai Oracle of Daemon's Stump


The K’daai Oracle of Daemon’s Stump                  40 points
(Unique K’daai Destroyer Upgrade)

This searing abomination brings destruction and dark prophecy to the battlefield. The ancient K’daai Oracle was once the ambitious Sorcerer-Prophet Balhutti-Zhurekar the Decrepit, whose powers of divination were supreme. His thirst for power would not be hindered even by the Sorcerer’s Curse, which he tricked into transforming him to flames not stone. Even the position of High Priest of Hashut was not enough for this ruthless man, for he forsook the Father of Darkness and gained immortality by the Great Four as a Daemon Prince. The wrath of Hashut and His Chaos Dwarf empire could not be tricked, however. In a massive ritual of sorcery and bloodletting, Balhutti-Zhurekar the Decrepit was summoned from the Empyrean, trapped and forged under great torment into the metal prison of the K’daai Oracle. Since it could only speak in prophetic riddles, the K’daai Oracle’s curses upon its creators came out as a convoluted foretelling of the End Times. Now, this chained behemoth is said to lie shackled deep beneath Daemon’s Stump, only seen for the occassion of complex oracular consultation and never leaving its dungeon. Or so the Sorcerer-Prophets lording it over Daemon’s Stump would have us believe…

Fiery Prophecy: At the start of the game, you gain D3+1 re-rolls to be used at any time by yourself or by your allies throughout the game. These may also be spent to force a re-roll upon your opponent. Note that you cannot re-roll a re-roll.


An attempt at rules for the K’daai Oracle from this story. The above ones are only vague first try. I’m lousy with rules.

Please come with versions of your own, critique and suggestions for points cost. How would you make a K’daai Oracle?


This is one where I could not actually tell you off the bat what it should cost. My knee-jerk reaction is that its too powerful for too lil cost. But then I think about it for a second and think that its ok because you could end up with 2 rerolls. Flip side is you could end up with 7 rerolls for other side as well. One thing I would highly suggest is get super detailed as to what can and can not be rerolled. I say this because the verbiage takes a rather extreme shift.

First one is re-rolls.

Second one is re-roll any TEST.

With out being critical to you, did you mean for it to be any dice in the first one and only TEST in the second one?

Lastly maybe just d3+1 rerolls for any one dice roll instead for both sides? As it stands between this and the chalice of blood and darkness I foresee my own prophetic vision of some one having a horrid magic phase.


Thank you very much, Geist! But I do want you to be critical, and you’ve done a good job about it. Good suggestion. As for test, I’m simply lousy with rules. I meant re-roll for the second one, but was unsure how to word it as I always am with rules-matters. The best thing would be to have other people’s entirely own takes on a K’daai oracle’s rules. :slight_smile:

First post updated. Critiscism, suggestions and versions of your own are welcome.


Very well done, less sweeping verbiage. D3+1 is much better and you dont bother with rolling twice you roll once for a pool or rerolls. I like this alot more. The other thing is you cleaned up how its used. 40pts is now ok, play a few games maybe jump it up to 50, but at first glance 40 seems perfectly fine. Like I said play a few games but mainly try to play 3 games under the following conditions.

1 low number of rerolls with a severe win or loss.

2 high number of rerolls with a severe win or loss.

3 the rerolls had no viable effect on the game win or loss.


Good input, that’s worth a couple of slaves! I could try it out in games on my own, but my infamously poor generalship in Warhammer will distort the results. Any volunteers from better players? :wink: