[Archive] K'daai Fireborn worth it or not?


I’m noticing a lot of people taking Bull Centaurs over K’daai Fireborn is this due to the K’daai not being as good or what?

I have six (not played a game yet) and beginning to think that was a mistake. Hopefully I’m wrong.

If they are good, what’s the best use for them?

Thanks in advance :hat off

Da Crusha:

personally I think they are much better than the bull centaurs. I’d use them to go after infantry and units that brought the flaming banner. big units are best. also check out the deamonsmith handbook. fireborn were all the rage up until the BC render models were released.


I prefer fireborn to bull centaurs, a unit of 6 is a good size. One day i’ll run a horde of 18!x.x


I run a black of 6, I wouldn’t be suprised if i go with 2 blocks of 6 in my 2400 army.


Well this is good to hear. Thanks for that page on k’daai tactics.