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I discovered cool news. Reaper miniatures made a Kera Foehunter mini. Since I haven’t heard from our chaos dwarfs Kera, it made me miss her. Kera if you are out there, I hope life is grand. :cheers


Ya, Kara Foehunter has been around for a while from Reaper. As she’s a female Dwarf we could all have her in our armies as a Warrior in tribute to Kera…

I’ve been thinking that if I ever get the hankering to make yet another unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors I would probably go with an all female unit… getting at least one of Baggronor’s female fig would be a necessity :wink: I think it would be an expensive unit tho as there aren’t any plastic Dwarf females to my knowledge (unless I was to convert).



Kara Foehunter is an quite old mini made by Werner Klocke - Freebooter Miniatures is his own project with real cool stuff!

Werner also made many other great minis for Reaper Miniatures!



I seriously doubt the model is named after the person.  Kera is a big reaper fan, so she probably chose the name after the model. :wink:

Kera is active over on Da Warpath a lot these days, and on the slayer brotherhood.


The model was around long before her, I bet she found the model and liked the name (being a big fan of dwarfs and it was a girl)


I just saw the model and missed Kara cause she was cool as hell. I got so caught up in buying only GW minis that I completely managed to miss a lot of the other dwarfs out there. I’m at a point now where I’m mostly buying non-GW minis.


The Reaper minis are great but often much too big in comparision to classic GW models!

As you can see here! :wink:



Um… Kera was named for that model… i believe it was one of her favorites… and heck he had it as her avatar for a number of years…

I miss Kera…