[Archive] Kera is in Civ IV!


I started up a game of Civ IV (this will all make sense soon after I make this post) and I’m trying to figure out which leader best exhibits the traits of our beloved Dawi Zharr… and I stumble across this.

Kera made it into Civ IV?!?!?! As Boudica!

Kera? Mind explaining this to us? :mad Though I have to admit, that is cool. :slight_smile:


Kera’s moonlighting as a red head? and all this time people have been trying to find her in videos etc as a blonde!


I think its all a ploy - I don’t think she has any hair at all. Its all wigs and photoshop…

Kera foehunter:

yea i musta had one of drunking weekends

where i lost like 15 pounds and die my hair and pass out and people took a magic marker and drawn crappy looking tattoos on my neck and arms

it happen a lot!!


Kera …? Really lovely!!!



Everywhere I go her eyes are following me

Kera foehunter:

its a pirate thing i was keep a good eye sea word


hehe cool mate :cheers