[Archive] kerbak´s Army (prewiew)



Hi to all,regrads from Chile… im new in this forum, but i have playing warhammer since 10 years ago, when Chaos Dwarf where still a part of all armies…

velow are some pictures of my army, i have all comerted, but not all painted yet, even so this a preview of waht is my army… basically i took some of the ideas and tips from this forum and also based color and style on the caos canon dwarf (as all) modifiying “skull pass” dwarves, i just take out the horn from helmet, and add it to shoulders, and then i add some masks as chaos warriors, i decided not to mofied beards as painted on black look nice to me…

this are the basic dwarves

I also made a unit of cenatur dwarves,

I use some Boars and dwarves, to dwarves i made same convertions made on troops, then I cut the head of the boar and put some green stuff,

then i add soem bits and skulls and ready to action


Nice dude. Perhaps a darker colour of beard would stand out better on the bull centaurs. Perhaps a wash of black ink or wash?

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice work on the helms, I really like them, they are very Chaotic!

There are some very good conversions here, look forward to seeing how the rest of this blog turns out!

Welcome to the site kerbak :cheers


look great and as slev said, try making the beards of boarcentaurs a little darker, I think they will look better that way.


Cool Bullies mate :slight_smile:


great conversions… I’d actually suggest you make the boar fur a completely different color than the beard… perhaps some dark brown or brownish red… It would definately set it off…