[Archive] Kerbak´s Chaos dwarf warriors


Hi all there.

after finishing working on my nomarl dwarves, im now start working on my Chaos dwarves again… i will try to load some pictures every week

so below is my start with Blunderbusses warriors

basically, is something similar to all have done with this figures, i made mask on helmets (chaos style), and took the horms from helmets and use them on spualders… for the moment i havent change guns for Blunderbusses, its to dificult,

as all my army, i want them less babilonic and more barbaric chaotic

more photos soon, i will include warriors, and characters


Looking good so far… (If I may make a suggestion, get yourself a lightbox, as the pictures will come out more clearly and better lighted.)

Kera foehunter:

i like your masks!! don’t forget about the baces


Dang! I really like the masks mind if I borrow the idea?

Pyro Stick:

I really like the shoulder pads. They really help to make the model look more chaotic. Your helmets remind me of Iron Warriors. Same colour scheme as well lol.


Great work Kerbak masks are looking really good


Grim and evil looking guys! Cool! :hat off

I like them! Especially the shoulder pads, the masks and your paint style.

Want to see more! :wink:



thats what i call a nice start

more please


More photos, conversion almost end… but i have to paint all of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bull Centaur (the one over the rock is the bull hero



I will make also a new hero, and after painting this units i will start wotking on the War machines, i have seen very good Ideas on this forum so i have new inspiration to work on it :cheers

Kera foehunter:

great paint job love how the boars turn out!!

love the lord too

Sargoth The Enslaver:

Well my friend tis lookin good!Love too see more