[Archive] Kerbak´s Chaos Warrior Upload 10 Aug-09


Hi all there.

after finishing working on my nomarl dwarves, im now start working on my Chaos dwarves again… i will try to load some pictures every week

so below is my start with Blunderbusses warriors

basically, is something similar to all have done with this figures, i made mask on helmets (chaos style), and took the horms from helmets and use them on spualders… for the moment i havent change guns for Blunderbusses, its to dificult,

as all my army, i want them less babilonic and more barbaric chaotic


Bull Centaur (the one over the rock is the bull hero



[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



photos above where post on other topic, but now I realized that this is the best place to show them. Below some updates.

I bought a bull centaurus to a friend, and with the dwarf torso i making a Battle Standard bearer, I still have to complete the standard, but already start working on the miniature with green stuff, and adding a skull mask…

Also take note of how much of you work on your Blunderbusses and start working on mine…

More pictures soon

turquois dwarf:

I like the masks! theyre a nice halfway between helcannon crew and chaos warrior helmets.:mask


I like the masks! theyre a nice halfway between helcannon crew and chaos warrior helmets.:mask

turquois dwarf
Thanks, thats exactly the idea :hat off


I really like your masks. They look awesome. Your conversions are very cool. Keep up the good work.


The conversion of the bull centaur standard to a battle standard bearer on foot looks great the gs work on his feet is some very nice work, keep it up

Kera foehunter:

cool bullcentaurs!! like the blunderbusses guys too


Thanks to all for your comments, i hope to retunr with new photos soon


Here some Update, im working more on heroes and the bullcentaur for Golden hat IX

Kera foehunter:

Kerbak the picture above what group did that weapon come from or did you make it


Those BCs are fantastic. The torsos go really nicely with the lower part.

Border Reiver:

Your Boar Centaurs are the best conversions of the lot. Although the BC torso standard bearer is an excellent piece of sculpting

some of the masks on your blunderbusses need just a little more smoothing, and the shields could do with a little more scraping to remove the dwarf designs for your warriors, but keep up the good work


I just participate for the first time in a Golden hat contest, so here some of the pictures of my Bullcentaur in progress

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Kerbak  the picture above  what group did that weapon come from  or did you make it

Kera foehunter
Weapons and bitz i get it form new Chaos knights,,, a friend bought 2 boxes and I got many bits from there, Shields, weapons and helmets and many other things


Here Are some pictures of Eartshaker cannon, made of recycled parts, mi idea is to represent with it a Hellcanonwithout a demon inside, and also try to get a w40k basilisk style

It was made and paint last night, now i just got to work on the crew

Beginning; I use, parts of a Hellbalster, and many bitz and cocktail sticks, and clockwork parts

then I painted, here was almost donde

Finally I add some weels behind and was complete


Whoa, that’s huge!

I liked your Bull Centaur entry, very nice stuff!  Can’t wait to see your crew.  Are you going to put your ES on a nice base? :slight_smile:


Whoa, that's huge!

I liked your Bull Centaur entry, very nice stuff!  Can't wait to see your crew.  Are you going to put your ES on a nice base? :)

I Hvae the crew done,, basically some Magenight Dwarves and a gobling from Gamezone, or something similar,, and I have think on base yet, But i think that I should,,, Im thinking in done something like the HC with some skulls around the machine

Kera foehunter:

love the bull centaur and i like the wip on the earth shaker


The basilisk theme works well for an earthshaker.

You look like you could hit Altdorf with that thing :smiley:


Thanks for you nice comments…

Im now working on add some skulls and heads as trophies on the spikes, and also on making a nice base, hope to finish date during this weekend, in fact I will start working harder on these guys, as there is a tournament on Aug 16th, i wanna go with CD to kick some white elves ass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: