[Archive] Khornate Ogre Tyrant


Here’s the Khorne themed tyrant I’ve been working on.��He’s pretty much ready to paint except for a little detail on his back piercing and the back banner needs finishing.��It’s gonna have skulls (of course) strung up on it, and I’m gonna do a bitz order before I can finish it.��If you’re interested in seeing some WIP shots of him, click the Corpse Eaters link in my sig.

These rings are gonna be a b*@%* to link up

This was fun

So waddaya think?��Is he Khorny enough?

The chosen of hashut:

You did a very good job, the miniature is awesome. I really liked his axe.:slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

Looks nice. Any chance of a better shot at the gutplate?


Really nice work, I’m not too sure about the chain though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the tusks on his back, but can’t really see the face. Maybe, you should link the chain to his wrist. Sort of to imply he may go beserk and swing it around or to stop him losing it ever, sort of thing.


Wow, very nice work, man! Kudos.


:wink: Are you Khorny, baby? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

It looks really good.��In the typical ‘what’s it made of’ response, is that brown-stuff epoxy?


Yup, it’s brown stuff, and the tusks on his back are made of apoxie sculpt on wire. Thanks for the comments guys!


hopefully it won’t be too long before you get it painted :wink:


Very nice, man.

I agree though, the chains are a bit much.

Also, if we do not get painted pictures, I will unleash fiery pizza lightning on a baby.


Great conversion!

but I wanna see it painted.


Here he is, Gulk Corpse Eater in all his glory.

"Git in ma beleh!� I’m bigger’n yoo!"

Just have to varnish him and put the finishing touches on the base.


Simply jaw dropping that is soooo well executed!

The Flying Beaver:

Awesome blending! Well done gORCUS!


Hot damn, look out! His weapon kind of reminds me of that Barbarian leader in Gladiator. A huge two handed axe that is so big it is literally swung around like a flail.


That came out amazingly well, you’re sculpting and vision are quiet inspiring.



As Cartman says " Kick asss…" Sweet model dude


The sculpting is just amazing, and its not very often I get to say that.

IMO the skin and metal need greater contrast between the 2. Visually they are too similar.

If you happen to be in the UK, where did you get your brownstuff?


Really nice, I’m thinking of adding some chaosy ogres to both my CDs and H/BofC. One question though, what is brown stuff? I’ve never heard of this but after seeing your work on this model, my interest has most definately been caught :slight_smile:


looks very nice