[Archive] Khorne ogres


So I took a bunch of pictures of the 1000 point force I made for the Adepticon team tournie with Psychosis PC’s Khorne Beasts.  I am quite happy with them as my first heavily themed and converted force, I’m going to use a lot of the things I learned planning and converting this army to start a dawi zharr army next.  

So here they are-

Here is the objective marker I made, we each had to make one for the team.� I followed PPC’s lead with these fellas.

Here are my trappers which got a touch up to fit our khorne theme a bit better (see my warseer gallery to see how they looked originally).

And here are my leadbelchers, the only units I made generic enough to join the Bonemaws (my regular ogre tribe) permanently.

My bulls.

Their standard bearer.

The bellower (one of my favorites)

The Ironguts.

Their standard.

The bellower (trust me, he’s bellowing ;)).

The Ironguts and the Tyrant.

The Tyrant, Gulk Corpse Eater.

So there you have it, the Corpse Eaters.�

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Lord Archaon:

Wow it’s really good army you got there gORCUS.

I really want to see more of them and your dawi zharr when they will be ready.:cheers


bloody well done, this will become a great army!

Father Grumpmas:

Fantastic - great conversions, especially the Ironguts

Ogres and Chaos Dwarfs seem to be producing some of the best converted armies I had seen lately.


you have a very nice looking ogre force.


I love the irongut’s standard bearer, he looks so hard, yet so casual…:stuck_out_tongue: