[Archive] Kickstarter - Old School Miniatures Presents: The Daemon Cannon!


This is too good to be kept a secret, anymore :hat off

Been sitting on this piece of news for a very, very long time - even got myself a prototype cast of this beauty, and I couldn’t share - but now its official and has entered the funding stage, and was kickstarted yesterday.

My good friend John Pickford (and creator of the Ewal Dwergar) have been sculpting his interpretation of the Old Chaos Dwarf Siege Cannon coughAss Cannoncough. The sculpt started as an idea in a Facebook Group and due to the efforts of Mr. Dunn, it was materialised and might now become available to all - if the KS is successful.

Old School Miniatures Presents: The Daemon Cannon! by Jamie Loft — Kickstarter

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time painting mine yet, but I’ve started building it and will paint it soon :smiley:


It’s a nice sculpt. Good luck the project!

A bit soon after this one by Atom Taylor: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1126541327/orc-heavy-war-chariot/description

Always nice to see moe 80s style sculpts.


Yes, a bit of bad timing but in their defence, both projects ran simultaneously and two very different approaches on the subject. For this one. We paid our deposits back in November 2015 and original planned being delivered to the project member in June 2016 - but Mr. Dunn had to start the mould process all over (after resculpting a lot of details) due to a huge failure, made be the caster. Luckily the sculpt was to be saved.


Awesome stuff! :hat off

Yesterday I funded at a Kickstarter for the 1st time - the temptation was jsut too big! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



nice sculpt!

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Great mini, love the face! and also; 4 man crew!!! Oh and also… John Pickford :cheers

I also really like Atom Taylors cannon, just wish he had made the barrel thicker, but his crew is a great replacement for the original Nick Lund cannon crew.

Timothy Archer:

WOOOW ! just love it ! im gonna support this with great pleasure ! hope we are going to be able to have the captain !!!

congrats !


Nice one. Not my favorite type of CD equipment. But a very nice version of the piece!

Slavemaster Hod:

I like the daemon cannon better on this one, but I like the crew better on the similar Kickstarter that was linked by Bloodbeard.


Very cool stuff.

Do you think it was a conscious decision to make the photo look like it was a scan out of an old white dwarf?

Slavemaster Hod:

Do you think it was a conscious decision to make the photo look like it was a scan out of an old white dwarf?

I wold guess so, because their next picture looks normal.


Like Clam, I got myself one of the 10 prototype cast as well and I can only agree with him. They are beautiful, even more in person. For those that are collecting Big Hats - like myself - the 3 crewman (not the leader) come in pieces and the hats can be very easily exchanged with those from Russian Alternative.

I also have the one from Atom Taylor and it’s a total different approach.

If I would have to choose between the 2 of them, I couldn’t. Both are great in their own way and not comparable with each other.


Gone for it. Now I’ll have to sell some stuff to pay for it.