[Archive] Killer Pigs from Outer Space!


Hey peoplez,

So, just to ensure everyone knows I’m crazy I’m gonna build yet another army, but it’ll be 40K this time! Not only that, they’re alien pigs too!

First Two Alien Pig Models

Fluff n stuff will come later (probably when I’m out of Green Stuff…):slight_smile:

Hope you like 'em, and tell me what you think!


picture wouldnt load for me, curse the gods!


interesting but should this not be in off topic showcase


interesting very interesting:) Just wha inspied you to make space pigs?


interesting but should this not be in off topic showcase

Indeed. Moved to Off Topic Showcase.


PIGS IN SPACE ! i like em the heads are very different are they going to be a chaos army?:smiley:

Kera foehunter:

those are real funnny but can they shoot


very Doctor Who


Thanks peoplez, and have some more:

Swine Saucer Front

Swine Saucer Back

@ minty: Sheer random insanity!:cheers

@ canix: Actually, I was aiming to make my ‘own’ small alien race:)

@ Kera: We’ll find out, won’t we?:slight_smile:

Anywayz, comments on the ‘Drone’ anyone?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. The Tau bodies worked better than I thought. When you asked about ideas for a saucer, I thought you meant a one big enough for the piggies. Like a tank/transport. Any ideas as to which army rules to use yet? Not insane enough for you/I!