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Great work once again, just love the look of these models, have you thought about what you are going to include in the army yet ?


Thank you Loki,

I just got back from work so now it is time to start painting. And I am glad you asked! Well first off I want to make a unit of 19 warriors in the style of my first mini. After that ofcourse blunderbuzzerz! (names with a X or a Z in it are cool! Like Xzibit :sick). But then again the primary goal is to finish a warband asap so I can start playing with it in our Mordheim campaign and then I can start focusing on the army. I bought the cannon set yesterday and with the figures I thought I would make some arcane engineers. I had an idea of one with a flamethrower but I still have to find a fuel tank for on his back (any suggestions? perhaps anyone would know a 40k set with many bits of those kind in it?) And I also have been thinking on some idea’s for a Prison Wagon. some ideas were a Boat on wooden logs which hobbo’s run to put in front of it while it is being pulled forward by ogres. A second idea was a wagon from the older star wars movie, the one from the little people dressed in brown robes. I forgot the name of them else I would upload a pic, so if someone knows what I am talking about please help me out on it :). And on that for weels I figured a rat-running like thing with a door in it where the slaves are put.

Also I am brainstorming for rocketeers / death rockets atm. (and for hobbo’s I thought I might go with rock-kobolds, which would have red skin but then the army would look a bit ‘boring’ - colour wise.

Let me know if you got any idea’s :slight_smile:

- Kilov

EDIT: its the Jawa wagon;



Here’s the painted ones, of to the store to buy new dwarves now, I am out of the rest-bits my friend gave me :<

- Kilov


Like the sound of what you have got planned for the army, for the fuel tank for the flammer, i belive that there is a barrel on the dwarf cannon sprue that would work well, it has a little nozzle coming out of one end which you could attached the fuel pipe to and it had a dwarfs sign on it as well so should work well.

I am pleased to hear that you including death rockets they are one of my favorite CD units ,for my death rockets i have used the empire hell storm battery, and the forge world grot bomb check out the link for them on my army blog https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9189 the grot bomb is on page 5 and the hell storm is on page 2.

There are loads of great conversions that people have done for them try checking out this link http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2456

there is nothing wrong with having the army mainly red it works really well

also great work on the latest finished warriors keep this great stuff coming :hat off


Thanks Loki,

You are very correct, death rockets are the most legen - wait for it - dary thing in the CD list :slight_smile: Love the grot bomber btw! I’ll start working on an evil engineer today (got my thunder set in), so hopefully, if I get enough inspiration their will be one up in this blog in no time :>

- Kilov

EDIT: working on the engineer:

The thing he has under the mask, I will sculpt a nose / lip / teeth on it. The top of the flamethrower is still a mystery. So if you have any ideas, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Here he is, basicly finished and ready to paint. The top is a blunderbuss like. On the side you can see a handle, from which he can switch between blunderbuss and flamethrower :slight_smile: hope you like it:


Whoa, this is a great idea to convert a flamethrower, this guy rocks!! i thought about building a flamethrower-dude, but this thing is much better than my ideas. can’t wait to see him painted. good job, servant of Hashut :hat off

Kera foehunter:

wow a cd with a keg and a beer bonG !!! THAT IDEA IS SO STOLEN !!!


That’s a brilliant idea - love it :hat off Would like to see a guy firing it, though :wink:


Great work Kilov, that engineer is awesome well worth some slaves :slight_smile:

The look just works so well, the only thing i might suggest it maybe green stuff a little bit of flames around the end of the nozzle like he has just fired it, and has raised the barrel up to admire his handy work and there is just the last few traces of fire licking around the barrel, with your green stuff skills i cant see this being a problem.

As before keep this great stuff coming :slight_smile:


You guys are all way to kind! And any idea’s you like are yours to use Kera :slight_smile:

Loki I have thoguht about it and I might even do so indeed. I might aswell start to paint the body and face of the model to get an idea of what he will look like finished so I can get an idea of how much extra red I can get out of the flamethrower before it gets to overwhelming :slight_smile:

O and I don’t know how much I will get done before wednesday. I am driving to the Netherlands tomorrow and I have alot of stuff to do before I leave. If i have some time to spare and get something made that is worth showing you will surely notice it :slight_smile:

- Kilov


I think that as the engineer does not have a big hat that you can get away with the red of the flames with out it being to overwhelming, or you could do a dark green / black flame sort of look, like its demonic fire or something if you don�?Tt want to do red flames and this would create a nice contrast for the model :slight_smile:


Nice work! :smiley:

I like it. :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

super sweet conversion. nice use of the musician arm, good work.


hey, thats my idea to use gunpowder barrel arm :mad

but its great work and i like that guy:P


Hello all!

Sorry for the late reply’s but I just got back home from my weekend away.

To Loki: good chance you are right about that. I will finish up painting the model first and then I will think about the flames, its on a position where it can still easily be added after I painted the mini :slight_smile:

As for you Warh, sorry to steal the idea but its hard to be totally original taking in mind EVERYTHING on this forum :slight_smile: hope its ok :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still stuffed with cafeïne so there is no sleep for me now, I will get painting and as soon as I get more finished it will be up!

- Kilov


hope you had a good weekend away :slight_smile: , i cant wait to see this guy painted as its such a cool model :slight_smile:


Hello all,

So you don’t think I am slopping I thought I’d post whats happening!

The camera is at my sisters again so I cannot upload any pics right now, they should be on either tomorrow or saturday.

I have finished 2 more dwarves (I said I aint a fast painter :wink: ) and I did some changes to the existing ones. Every time I looked at them I saw something was missing, so I redid the lava to add some more yellow, and some subtle orange highlights on the hat and shields, it gives a great contrast, or at least, so I think :slight_smile:

The engineer is cracking my mind! I started painting his body, very satisfied with it at the moment, but not with the model to be honest :P, I de-armed him and decided to give him a hat after all, now I cannot seem to find a arm that fits him and that I am cool with :slight_smile:

More on this later :slight_smile:

- Kilov


Looking foward to seeing the changes that you have made to the lava and the engineer :slight_smile: , i know its had to make that engineer model look cooler than it is alraedy but i think that a big hat should do it :hat

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Awesome conversions here, I like your style. I like the Blunderbusser best! :slight_smile:


Imageshack seems to be failing at my side, any1 else having problems with it? Been trying to upload pics all afternoon but can’t seem to get it right :<

wait a little longer guys :slight_smile: