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Hello fellow Dawi Zahr!

For those who missed my introduction here is some information about me:

I am 19 years old and live in Poland at the moment, though in a few weeks I will be moving to the Netherlands (Maastricht) to study Psychology there.

I have been playing warhammer since the 6th grade, so I guess I was about 11-12 years when I first started. About 2 years me and my group switched to Mordheim for a change. After leading an Undead warband for a long time I decided it was time for a new one, thats how I ended up with Chaos Dwarfs, and on this forum. It also made me want to play warhammer again, so this blog will contain both an growing warband as an army.

Some things on the side: I am not a very fast painter and besides modelling and painting I also spend some time on making buildings for Mordheim (if allowed I will post the WIP’s here to).

I think i can speak for everyone if I say that if you have seen almost every thread on these forums it is almost impossible to make a completely original Chaos Dwarf army. Even though I tried I decided to make (or try to make) a mix of my 2 favourites, namely Tjub and Ishkur’s Dawi! I hope I don’t offend you by mixing your styles, o… and I will try to keep this blog updated with pictures at least weekl.

And I would like to request all of you to give a lot of feedback in form of comments and critisism, especially the last as it can only increase my skills (I hope :), especially the skin of my models (which I am not yet to pleased with)

Enough chatting, here is some pictures:

Here is a close up of the weapon, decided to take this one normal with a layer of gloss varnish:

And please take a look at the picture with the armour on his back, where I went with painting the entire piece boltgun metal, then paint the scales from one corner up to about half the model chainmail, and again the same scales till up about 1/4 mithril silver, hoping to get a similar effect.

Here are the next 4 dwarves which I hope to get finished in the next couple of days:

And last for now, but certainly not least; the place where it all happens:

That would be it for today :slight_smile:

- Kilov


Very promising beginning! :hat off

Great Conversion, good painting, … I will much more of your stuff! :cheers



Just a quick update. By the evening of today the 4 WIP Dawi should be sculpted with a face + beard, and hopefully some weapons attached. Also some pictures of the Warehouse / Brewery (haven’t decided on that yet) I am building will be up.

- Kilov


Thanks! :slight_smile:

You’ve got a good start there, looking forward to the rest.


A small dissapointment, my camera is at my sisters house so the promised pictures will be up tomorrow before noon


wow that looks great! the plate male is great, you’ve got talent!


I also spend some time on making buildings for Mordheim (if allowed I will post the WIP's here to).

Please do, we love having pictures of stuff to look at.

Like that Dwarf a lot. The shield looks good (from the new Chaos Marauder cav?) and the paintjob is superb. The hat looks nice although I suspect that gravity would not be kind to it in practice ;P


Great start Kilov, i think the mix of the two styles works very well together, the conversion work and gs work that you have done to this model is very good, dont worry that your a slow painter from what i can see your work is 1st class please keep it coming, from looking at this first guy your army is going to look great :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for the nice reply’s guys!

Here is a update of what I have been working on;

First off, I thought I’d maybe try some diffrent style’s of detailing on the hat, I haven’t tried it yet but here’s the concept I quickly schetched so you have an idea:

Second, here is a update on my Warriors / CD henchmen (these are basicly finished accept for some details on the hat):

Here are some others I will try to finish today:

About the Mordheim building, I decided to go with a warehouse, and I figured, a warehouse is a very valuable building, so it was probably located at a river for better infrastructure. So if that is so, when the comet hit Mordheim it would be one of the first things the people would save so I figured the top of the building would be burned down a little but the bottom would still be in tact, here is the first floor WIP:

I’m not totally satisfied with this building because… I dont know, just don’t :stuck_out_tongue: My new Mordheim building will be… A ghastly mill :open_mouth: (I will probably finish the warehouse because you know, Mordheim is only better with more buildings:) )

More here later :slight_smile:

- Kilov


First of all - welcome to site.

Your first CD is looking great - and it looks like you master both GS and paint.

And yes, please show us you terrain pieces as well - we love to seeing such things here as well.

Keep up the good work



Thank you for the warm welcome all of you!:hat off

Now more on the dwarves:

These are done modelling so tomorrow I will start painting them :slight_smile:

For those interested in how to make a face instead of a mask, here is a small, and frankly not very good toturial:) :

First off, you scrape everything from the top of the nose down off, and if you want to give them a hat, you also cut off the top of his helm, it should look something like this:

Step 2, you grab a little ball of greenstuff and you just push it up on its nose (I usually apply some glue on the nose before adding the greenstuff, I guess its just a habbit), when the GS is holding you grab a hobby knife (like I do) or a sculpting tool I guess and you cut in it to pull the greenstuff out a bit over the face, if you do this twice you should get the look that the nose is well attached (not like Michael Jackson). And when painted it give’s some more detail to the model, personally i like the effect (you can check it on the model I posted earlier)

Third you just make a little roll out of greenstuff (just as think as you want his fat underlip to be) and you glue it on. You might put on a bigger lip at first and cut it at your desired lenghts after, its a lot easier. When it has dried a little bit I search my bitbox for something that I can use as his teeth (I am to lazy to sculpt them :slight_smile: ) and glue them on next to the lip.

Last step, when that has dried a little bit, you make another roll, and do the same as in step 3, just make sure you also cover the teeth, this way it seems like they are indeed inside his mouth, and not on or next to it, and besides that it keeps the teeth better attached for if your model falls some time (I am a little clumbsy i think :P)

After this you just sculpt the beard, just like the armour it is very well explained in Xander’s video tutorials.

Hope I helped someone out with this :stuck_out_tongue:

- Kilov

Kera foehunter:

thanks for the wip on the cd


Great step by step guide on how to make the face, i am no where near as good with gs as you are but you make it look so simple that i might even give it a go :slight_smile:

Like the extra detail that you have added to these hats works well cant wait to se this next lot painted :slight_smile:


good gs work

good conversion idea

nice gs nose work :>


Quick update, they are almost finished :slight_smile: the final pics of these will be up tomorrow :slight_smile:

Here they are atm:

- Kilov


I like that white building. Be good to see it when it is all painted up and finished.


Welcome Kilov! Everything looks great! :smiley:

Keep it up!


Thank you all for your reply’s guys!:slight_smile:

To Wallacer: I have put the white building on hold for now till I get some inspiration about how to make it a bit more to my taste, so with regret I tell you that you will have to wait a bit for the finished pictures of that one :frowning:

A question though, I am pretty pleased with my chaos dwarves as they are at the moment, the colour scheme etc. Though I am not pleased with my bases. Are there any toturials for how to make an awesome lava base here on the forums? And if not could any of you post how you made yours perhaps?

Thank you in advance!

And now I am off to Ikea for shopping :frowning: (I am driving my truck full of stuff to the Netherlands this saturday :D)

- Kilov

turquois dwarf:

mordheim is probably my favourite GW game. I realy like your chaos dwarfs and your warehouse. will you have slaves in your warband?


Thank you Turquois Dwarf :slight_smile: Well the slaves are really just a question because it depends on the list I will use for Mordheim. For now I am using http://cianty.ashtonsanders.com/btb/pdf/15%20Chaos%20Dwarfs.pdf where the only thing that comes close to slaves are the informers.

At the start I wanted to make the informers out of the new empire plastic archer set. But now I thought maybe Hobgobbo’s. And some days ago I figured I could easily annoy some people by making some of their warband leaders / heroes into my pesty little rats :slight_smile:

So its still in the open!

A and i promised picutres to be up yesterday, they will be up today, was quite busy yesterday! and the work I did was staring at my 5 models and after about 1.5 hour I was sure I didn’t like the ones with the 2-handers. So they are now my colour / test models. And the dwarf without sleeves, I gave him sleeves again and repositioned him. More on that later today :slight_smile:

- Kilov