[Archive] Kings of War - Clash of Kings 2018 Changes


So! I was curious what my fellow CDO KoW players think of the CoK 2018 changes for Abyssal Dwarfs.

Anyone not already familiar with the changes:

Gargoyles & Ba’su’su lost 1 point of Nerve

The Slave Orcs had their melee scored changed to 5+ (The biggest nerf in the whole pack!), but gained Vicious.

My army personally? Basically unaffected. I only run a Regiment of Slave Orcs (and their basically just a chaff/distraction block for me anyway) so I’ve lost something like a wound per round in melee on a cheap unit whose job it is to just die anyway (actually against low defense units I might actually gain more damage with Vicious). This was mostly just a nerf for Slave Orc Hordes which I understand where significantly undercosted. Also I didn�?Tt use Gargoyles because they don�?Tt really fit into the Chaos Dwarf aesthetic so�?� Yeahp.

How about you guys? Any one tripped up by the changes? or worried about improvements other armies got?


I haven’t got my CoK18 yet, it shipped yesterday. So Ill probably have to wait until next week or so I guess. Ive tried not to read to much rumors about the coming stuff so I cant really say yet.

We play really non competitive here and since Im building my own Abyssal Dwarf army at the moment I havet had any games with them yet. But from what I understand on the inter webs the changes would be good, both Ba’su’su and Slave Orcs were a very common sight in armies. I think its great that companies (mantic, gw etc) tires to mix up the meta a bit and keeping it fresh every now and then.

To be honest Im mostly looking forward to new spells, fluff and the card deck. Hoping for a spell effektive against high defense troops, like a metal curse or similar. Jupp, played a lot of Dwarves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, also the new units. They will be fun to make models for, Chaos Hounds and some kind of Slave Driver Chariot. Am I wrong, or haven’t I seen one modeled here? Could we have on in the V1 of the rules?


Actually we did get a “mutated mastiff” unit (speed 6, crushing 1 vs Calvary) as well as a Slave Driver Chariot (inspires Slave Orcs), which could be really interesting. I’d have to put some thought into what a proper Chaos Dwarf version of the mutated mastiffs would be, something a little thicker and more purposeful then classic chaos hounds I imagine.

We actually did get the anti-armor spell you where hoping for, its six dice and you wanna roll under your opponents defense to wound (also ignores cover and stealth). Could be good on an Iron Caster or Supreme Iron-Caster on Great Winged Half-Breed (doubly so on the Winged Half-Breed if you give him Hover Boots).

On the subject of chairots I actually really like Mantics Abyssal Dwarf Chariot for the most part, I’d probably kit bash the driver with some Russian Alternative stuff personally… but man I wish I could go back in time and make my warmachines out of the chassie:


Ah, jupp I know. Actually posted the units here when they went up on Mantic blog. :slight_smile: Guess Ill have to try and sculpt some 15mm Bulldogs…

Oh, the spell sounds amazing. Ive mainly been playing Goblins against high Def Dwarves, and haven’t been using loads of warmachines so my Goblins been having a hard time. But that spell will sure come in handy! I know Goblins can be a pretty good army, but I dont usually load up on too much crushing strength or warmachines.

When I get the latest bach Tjublings from the caster Ill primary paint the Abyssal Dwarf army. :slight_smile:


Ahh alright!

Yeah a Goblin Wiz with Alchemist Curse is only 65 points, you could load up on three of them pretty easily and put some serious hurt on the Golems and Ironguard.


Had our first big battle (3000pts) a side yesterday, using CoK18 as well as the new “mission cards”. Great fun, I recommend them a lot to anyone who’s been thinking about getting them!

Each player get their own primary and secondary objectives, the secondary is kept secret for about half the game. The “Condition” cards are drawn one for each battle, with tweaks as rain/fog/ambush etc. and the “Strategy” is more of minor event you can play during the battle.

For anybody who doesn’t play purely competitive its a must! :hat off


Btw, victory for the Goblins. And yes, the Alchemist Curse is amazing!