[Archive] [Kings of War] Semi-Official 2ed Style Evil Dwarf Army


Hey guys! While perusing the Mantic forum I way introduced to this little gem:


This is a list for subterranean Evil Dwarves of the old 2ed style (to include having bazooka and repeating rifle teams!). The really interesting part is that it isnt just some fan list, it has actually been approved by the official Kings of War Rules Committee! It’s even been noted that it could be allowed in tournament play.


Cool, I saw a similar on “ice elves” before. So there are some fun armies floating around out there thats not really tournament official…

This one thought seems to be based on “Shortwars” miniatures. If Im correct the guy behind Macrocosm is on the “FourFootSnake” podcast along with several RCmembers. We well have to wait and see if there are any hints in the coming lore book for Mantica.