[Archive] Kislev with Empire armylist


This used to be my plan to create an entire Kislev army using the Empire armylist (and perhaps keeping the autentic rules for the autentic Kislev allied units). Most of the minis are no longer available so I will have to change it. Nontheless, I dont know if someone has already tried this approche on this site so here it is.

Empire general - Boyar. I converted a mounted boyar with the old mordheim kislevites.

Templar grand master - ?

Sorcerer - Kislev shaman. Using the old flagelants or the mordheim ones.

Captain - Voevod

Priest - Priest of Ursun. Using the priest of Ulric.

Enginer - ?

State troops - Kossars

Handgunners - “Strelets”. Perhaps kossars with handguns.

Knights - Winged lancers

Inner circle - Gryphon legion

Militia - “Mujiks”. Using LOTR wildmen from dunland or the mordheim kislevites.

Greatswords - ? Perhaps a norse “varangian guard” with the Empire Teutogen guard

Pistoliers - Ungol horse archers

Outriders - Mounted kossars (?). Using converted Ungols

Cannon / Mortar - Empire Cannon and Mortar

Flagellants - Ursun followers (?). Using the middenland mordheim warband

Steam tank - War wagon (?)

Volley gun - ?

There used to be some very nice non official kislev armiy lists on the web, but I cant find them anymore.

Opinions welcomed.


I have 10 Kislev fast cave, 5 winged lancers, 15 Griffon legion, the rule book, 10 Kossars, a boyar, and the special character Boris in my possetion if you need any let me know.


I prefer dogs of war to represent Kislev:

Pikemen = Pikemen

Crossbows = State Crossbow regiments

Duelists = Ungol Scouts

Light cavalry = Horse archers

Heavy cavalry = Lancers


Paymaster’s guard = Elite bodyguard

Dwarf Mercenaries = Expatriated Dwarfs from the cities

Cannon = Cannon

Kislev Allies list - Tzar Boris/Tzarina, Boyars, Gryphon Legion