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As a centerpiece for my new Chaos Dwarf army I want to make a Kollossus. The reason for this topic is that I do have some ideas already and also have started a bit. It’s a pretty big project and one that I will work on on and off to prevent me getting bored with it!:rolleyes:

Now what I need help with is this:

What would be a good height? I know he towers above the rest and all but just how high should I make him, I don’t want to make it look off too much with the rest of the army.

I was thinking about fifteen centimeters max.

Also, quoted from the Wiki pages:

The Kollossus is described as a “great mechanical giant” with the head of a bull.[1] It is powered not only by machinery, but by the daemonic powers of bound-souls. It is made up of plated and riveted iron constructed in the shape of a great bull-headed man. It is crewed by Chaos Dwarfs, who ride within the armoured body. On its shoulders are firing platforms where additional Chaos Dwarf crew man flame-throwers which incinerate their enemies.[2] Inside the mouth of its bull-head lies a rapid-firing cannon. The Kollossus also uses its heavy feet to crush its foes.

I was thinking about making the Bull head like a cockpit rested slightly in between the shoulder platforms (which will be more like tiny cockpits as well) than on top like a human’s head. A bit like a hunchback so to say…

I want to get that Steam Punk feeling if you know what I mean, so could I use wooden parts to make it more fantasy looking (opposed to 40.000-ish) or are the Chaos Dwarfs way beyong using wood for their warmachines?

I thought I had Grudge Bearer lying around here somewhere but can’t find it. Does anybody know if the part about the battle with the Chaos Dwarfs is printed online anywhere as I would really like to read it again to gain even more inspiration.

Any tips, ideas and help is appreciated a lot!:cheers

P.s; hope this topic is in the right spot!:shy:


well, 1st you want ideas and advice in moddeling, this place is for rules:)

2nd, and the actualy useful part. Xander ha one on the sire, which is prety mcuh how I see it. I don’t think cahos dwarves would use wood, there far beyond that since even dwarves dont. Use things like cogs and big exhaust section to make it look steampunk but still not 40K

either that, or get a power ranger megazord and add on some greenstuff to make it look kmore CDey:)


well, 1st you want ideas and advice in moddeling, this place is for rules

P.s; hope this topic is in the right spot!:shy:

Are there any unofficial rules out there? If so, please point me in the right direction please?!

Also, could one of the Mods move this topic to the appropriate section please.:hat off


ummmm, unoficial rules

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